Irc discussions from #mirage on 24-08-2016

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Published: 2016-08-24 (last updated: 2016-08-24)

24-08-2016 15:04 GemmaG We could prep for a little tutorial/beginners intro into Mirage whilst we are there

24-08-2016 15:05 hannes seangrove: yep, we'll meet in nara! :)

24-08-2016 15:05 GemmaG :)

24-08-2016 15:05 GemmaG Ok, so I added some general things to agenda - please hijack if you have something else to discuss

24-08-2016 15:06 GemmaG Figured we'd check in on Mirage 3.0: Mindy has been tracking the wishlist here:

24-08-2016 15:07 GemmaG yomimono isn't here today, but please add items to that tracker if you haven't already. She's removing items once dealt with

24-08-2016 15:08 hannes sounds good. PCLOCK/MCLOCK/CLOCK changes were merged recently by yomimono! there's progress :)

24-08-2016 15:09 hannes

24-08-2016 15:10 GemmaG Great :)

24-08-2016 15:11 GemmaG I noticed that mato added some features for Solo5 and Mirage 3.0 - not sure if the plan is to add them to #571 or somewhere else

24-08-2016 15:12 yomimono good job mattgray and hannes also :) I'm here but very latent, sorry

24-08-2016 15:12 GemmaG yay :)

24-08-2016 15:14 djwillia i'm not sure where they belong; we were planning on discussing which ones are most important

24-08-2016 15:14 djwillia maybe we should keep them separate for now so as not to pollute that issue too much?

24-08-2016 15:15 hannes djwillia: could you elaborate what the plans for solo5 in mirage-3 are?

24-08-2016 15:15 yomimono I'd like to keep some view on what's necessary to make sure we're supporting the solo5 backends as fully as we do unix/xen, at least, in that tracker

24-08-2016 15:15 djwillia I think the big thing that we all agree on is that the virtio drivers as they are are too fragile

24-08-2016 15:15 hannes (sorry if i missed some list of items, are they documented somewhere? maybe a solo5/solo5 issue?)

24-08-2016 15:16 djwillia hannes: not yet, mato put an initial brainstorm on slack and we were intending to discuss and create an issue, but then postponed the discussion

24-08-2016 15:17 hannes djwillia: great. I'm all for virtio fixes (unfortunately cannot spend too much time on it atm)

24-08-2016 15:19 djwillia hannes: i know you had talked about ocaml virtio drivers at some point (not now), but i think that your ideas for that may factor at least partly into the discussion. I'm not sure if we should build on the existing drivers (which really were only written for a single platform) or port drivers from another system (e.g., FreeBSD, NetBSD/rump or Linux)

24-08-2016 15:19 djwillia when mato is available again for discussion (Friday I think he mentioned), we will make a plan

24-08-2016 15:20 hannes djwillia: for reference, i found a virtio-net 9p thingy

24-08-2016 15:20 hannes djwillia: sounds good to me, virtio in OCaml would be great imho (but do what you feel comfortable with)

24-08-2016 15:20 djwillia yomimono: do you think we should have a solo5 tracking issue that is tracked by the bigger mirage tracking issue, or put solo5 specific things directly into the top-level tracking issue

24-08-2016 15:21 yomimono djwillia: solo5 tracking issue is probably cleaner

24-08-2016 15:21 djwillia hannes: i agree that ocaml would better fit with everything else, but I expect we would need an enthusiastic ocaml volunteer to do that :)

24-08-2016 15:22 hannes djwillia: if in doubt, pioneer project, or active marketing on mirageos-dev list :)

24-08-2016 15:22 GemmaG Pioneer Project might make sense :)

24-08-2016 15:23 djwillia yomimono: we'll probably put up an issue on solo5/solo5 on Friday or early next week

24-08-2016 15:23 djwillia then add it to the master issue

24-08-2016 15:23 djwillia gemmag: pioneer project is a good idea!

24-08-2016 15:24 djwillia what is the current estimate of mirage 3.0 release btw?

24-08-2016 15:24 djwillia i mean the estimate of the date that it will be released

24-08-2016 15:25 djwillia yomimono: ^^^

24-08-2016 15:26 yomimono djwillia: currently, we're targetting a "soft launch" (or "release candidate" or however else you want to say "don't merge any super major potentially breaking stuff anymore") of late September, ICFP-ish

24-08-2016 15:27 djwillia yomimono: cool thanks

24-08-2016 15:27 yomimono dictated because we need to pick a date in order to coordinate stuff, more than because of any particular virtue of that date

24-08-2016 15:27 hannes yomimono: I'd suggeest to do on that date a V1 -> M V1_LWT -> M_LWT renaming

24-08-2016 15:27 yomimono proper release with PR and such on I think early Oct

24-08-2016 15:28 yomimono hannes: I think that might be a good thing for "soft launch", yeah

24-08-2016 15:28 yomimono since it will break literally everything that doesn't build against it

24-08-2016 15:28 hannes yomimono: the last pull request, since otherwise it'll interfere with all other changes... yes, break all the things!!!

24-08-2016 15:28 yomimono hannes: exactly

24-08-2016 15:30 GemmaG Great! That all sounds awesome :)

24-08-2016 15:31 hannes what is next on the agenda (or what needs to be discussed)?

24-08-2016 15:31 GemmaG Pioneer Projects :)

24-08-2016 15:31 GemmaG drup has suggested adding some new ones

24-08-2016 15:31 GemmaG And it would be good to talk again about where we put them...

24-08-2016 15:32 GemmaG Hannes: you suggested canopy with tags - which could work. Engil is planning to update some canopy features so we can use it to liveblog at ICFP, and we could think about also adding tags/labels that would be useful for PP

24-08-2016 15:33 hannes I can migrate them (from the wiki) to canopy (one page per project) if we wish to put them there, and add those from the maliing list (but certainly everybody who wants should then contribute there)!?!?

24-08-2016 15:34 GemmaG Sure - that sounds like a good idea :)

24-08-2016 15:34 hannes (filter atom feed by tag would be nice to have @Engil

24-08-2016 15:35 GemmaG Making them easier to find/read and contribute to would be great

24-08-2016 15:35 hannes I'll do this this evening

24-08-2016 15:36 GemmaG Great :)

24-08-2016 15:36 GemmaG Perhaps we can track the via issues too to stop them going stale?

24-08-2016 15:37 seangrove (we'll have to update the channel title as we get close to Mirage 3, I suppose)

24-08-2016 15:37 hannes GemmaG: let's see how it looks in canopy, and what management we need on top of that later

24-08-2016 15:38 GemmaG hannes: sure thing :)

24-08-2016 15:39 GemmaG Cool - next issue is about me getting a little issue-tracker obsessed

24-08-2016 15:39 hannes :D

24-08-2016 15:40 GemmaG I find it difficult to keep track of all the different projects happening at OCL, in Mirage etc so I've started my own repo to track the progress of projects: (let me know if you can't access it)

24-08-2016 15:41 GemmaG Only just started it etc, and I have far less experience than many of you with GH etc, but it occurs to me that everyone uses GH, and we could potentially use the issue tracker more efficiently for tracking progress with milestones, labels and assignees

24-08-2016 15:41 GemmaG So I will start using it, and might encourage others to use labels a little more :P

24-08-2016 15:42 seangrove GemmaG: Alternatively, GH will give you a view of all of the issues for projects you care about

24-08-2016 15:42 GemmaG There's lots of overlap between different projects, and it's not always obvious - hoping this will help!

24-08-2016 15:42 seangrove Or are you suggesting something higher level?

24-08-2016 15:43 GemmaG A bit of both in a way - I don't need to keep track of ALL the issues, but want to keep an overview of how each project is moving in relation to others and overall goals/timelines etc

24-08-2016 15:44 seangrove Ok, makes sense

24-08-2016 15:45 GemmaG Advice and suggestions welcome. That repo is mainly for me to use in this way - but might tag/assign people wrt specific issues

24-08-2016 15:45 GemmaG Cool :)

24-08-2016 15:45 GemmaG AOB?

24-08-2016 15:45 GemmaG ICFP Mirage meet should definitely happen

24-08-2016 15:46 GemmaG :)

24-08-2016 15:48 yomimono \o/

24-08-2016 15:49 yomimono is anyone attending icfp who's not attending ocaml workshop?

24-08-2016 15:50 seangrove I'm just going to CUFP, not even ICFP

24-08-2016 15:52 GemmaG Let's plan to meet up on the Saturday then

24-08-2016 15:55 seangrove Works for me!

24-08-2016 15:55 GemmaG :)

24-08-2016 15:55 GemmaG Cool, if no other items, think we're done :)

24-08-2016 15:56 djwillia thanks! bye all!