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Published: 2016-10-19 (last updated: 2016-10-19)

19-10-2016 15:00 yomimono Hi folks! Welcome to the biweekly MirageOS catchup. Agenda for the meeting is available at , and unpurecamelbot will be logging the proceedings

19-10-2016 15:00 GemmaG Hi all :)

19-10-2016 15:00 yomimono wave for the camelbot! :D

19-10-2016 15:02 yomimono first off, we have an item from GemmaG: she's soliciting feedback about the mirage call/catchup and general mirage issues.

19-10-2016 15:02 mato \o/

19-10-2016 15:02 yomimono GemmaG, want to give us a bit more detail?

19-10-2016 15:02 GemmaG Yes hi! I'd really like to know what everyone finds valuable about the call/catchup just to make sure we are doing enough of those things

19-10-2016 15:03 GemmaG The form is anonymous so do be honest with feedback

19-10-2016 15:03 GemmaG If you have anything in more detail that you'd like to discuss in private, please feel free to contact me directly or on slack

19-10-2016 15:04 avsm Thanks for sending that out! The debate over communications channels is an ongoing experiment: we've tried various video mechanisms, and chat, and are settling into the right cadence for what is most useful to us as we grow. Please be honest in your opinions on the form :)

19-10-2016 15:04 yomimono The form is at , for the curious :)

19-10-2016 15:05 GemmaG Thanks yominomo!

19-10-2016 15:05 thomasga \o/

19-10-2016 15:05 smkz hi all

19-10-2016 15:05 mort___ (hi all!)

19-10-2016 15:05 yomimono (hi folks!)

19-10-2016 15:06 yomimono it's noted on the agenda also that the form closes on 24th October, so if you have anything you'd like to share, please do it soon!

19-10-2016 15:06 yomimono Anything else on this topic?

19-10-2016 15:07 yomimono Hearing nothing, let's move on:

19-10-2016 15:07 GemmaG Any further comments re. mirage communications are welcome either on the mailing list, or privately :)

19-10-2016 15:07 yomimono oh, sorry GemmaG!

19-10-2016 15:07 GemmaG np, all done :)

19-10-2016 15:08 avsm One thing I do note is that we don't preannounce the calls on the website, so I've had comments that publishing the schedule would be useful. I'll note that in my feedback form :-)

19-10-2016 15:08 yomimono ok, next up on : compilers to target for MirageOS 3

19-10-2016 15:08 yomimono ...someone who doesn't type fast should be running these meetings :P

19-10-2016 15:09 mato I gave 4.04.0+trunk a go for Solo5/ocaml-freestanding, got as far as

19-10-2016 15:10 avsm I'm slowly working on porting the Xen backend to ocaml-freestanding as well

19-10-2016 15:10 mato Long story short, ipaddr does not build on 4.04.0 due to ppx_optcomp not supporting the compiler

19-10-2016 15:10 avsm In my explorations, I discovered that openlibm is very old and broken on clang, so it really needs to be updated, but talex5 reports that all his changes made it upstream

19-10-2016 15:10 mato avsm: Um, openlibm in ocaml-freestanding is the upstream version, and works with clang fine

19-10-2016 15:10 avsm similar story for minios -- the upstream is now vastly different from our local fork, so we probably should rebase even though we use very little of the Xen minios

19-10-2016 15:11 avsm mato: I am referring to the Xen backend, which currently doesnt use ocaml-freestanding. The goal of my refresh is to make it use ocaml-freestanding so that Xen and KVM are on par in this regard. Xen currently uses a fork

19-10-2016 15:11 mato avsm: Right, but as part of that refresh you shouldn't have to deal with openlibm... or do you need that to build Mini-OS itself?

19-10-2016 15:12 avsm OCaml 4.04: Jeremie Diminio reports that he hopes to get a 4.04 compatible set of PPX extensions into OPAM in the next couple of weeks.

19-10-2016 15:12 yomimono That's excellent news.

19-10-2016 15:12 hannes would it be sensible to get rid of sexplib in ipaddr (or put it in a disjoint package)?

19-10-2016 15:12 avsm mato: I was checking as part of the refresh that there was no divergence in the Xen openlibm tag, and there appears to be very little

19-10-2016 15:12 avsm On the topic of ppx, I am very tempted to port to topkg and to pre-apply the ppx in the distribution tarball as a marshalled AST for particular compiler versions.

19-10-2016 15:13 avsm This would mean that stable package users would not need to have a working ppx setup, which in turn makes bleeding-edge compiler use easier

19-10-2016 15:13 avsm However, this might have unintended side effects such as source code locations changing. I'm not sure yet...

19-10-2016 15:13 hannes that'd be beneficial

19-10-2016 15:15 avsm Has anyone tried flambda? :)

19-10-2016 15:15 yomimono sadly I haven't

19-10-2016 15:15 avsm It's on my todo list, but I worry that we're missing some easy optimisations; could use a bit of time from someone on 4.03 playing around with the output. If you do have time, please report on the list :)

19-10-2016 15:17 yomimono Anything else?

19-10-2016 15:17 yomimono If not, our next item on is the MirageOS 3 API

19-10-2016 15:18 yomimono A number of links on the agenda to mailing list threads (including a link back to the discussion on talex5's error proposals from 2015)

19-10-2016 15:18 yomimono hannesm proposes merging mirage/mirage#615 and iterating from there, if I understand correctly.

19-10-2016 15:18 avsm It sounds like there is a general desire to sort out the error API handling before Mirage3, despite delaying release a little

19-10-2016 15:19 avsm A beneficial side of the topkg refresh is that most of the porters have also been moderninsing library conventions, and Result handling is top of the list.

19-10-2016 15:19 hannes there's still some discussion about the signature of listen, but I consider this to be off-topic for 615.

19-10-2016 15:19 avsm We can depend on Result.t now, so we just need to pick the right combinators for Lwt/Result.

19-10-2016 15:19 hannes likely the function passed to listen should be able to return (unit, error) result... but unclear which error.. and Msg of string should be used instead of Unknown

19-10-2016 15:20 yomimono hannes: I have commits on top of your branch that will work just as well if your changes are merged, so it doesn't matter much to me

19-10-2016 15:20 avsm So at a minimum, it is uncontroversial to use "('a, [>Msg of string]) Result.t", right? 19-10-2016 15:20 avsmthe debate on the list is about whether the polymorphic variant should be more than justMsg or not

19-10-2016 15:22 hannes this is multifold: 615 introduces for listen/write a (_, network_error) result Lwt.t. the network_error is outside of the module type, but in mirage-types, and a pp is provided by mirage-types

19-10-2016 15:22 hannes this means not all network implementations need to redefine the network_error type and a pp.

19-10-2016 15:22 avsm makes sense

19-10-2016 15:22 yomimono nods

19-10-2016 15:22 hannes and once that is done, we can think about more

19-10-2016 15:23 hannes I don't think we can close the error type in any module type, since there are people using BLOCK natively, and others via a TCP connection over TLS... thus the error type there can be rather rich

19-10-2016 15:23 hannes but as dbuenzli said on the ML, maybe when we abstract values we should also abstract errors

19-10-2016 15:24 yomimono the inclusion pattern dbuenzli mentioned seems very natural to me

19-10-2016 15:24 mort___ fwiw— i thought that the point made about errors not being any more or less special than non-error return values made sense

19-10-2016 15:24 avsm ok, so this adds actual code to mirage-types, but we are ok with that

19-10-2016 15:24 mort___ i think it makes sense as a way to let us make progress on this

19-10-2016 15:24 hannes another point of discussion is the device lifecycle (and disconnect, does anyone call disconnect?) I started on the mailing list with talex5 replying that we can simply use Lwt_switch.t

19-10-2016 15:25 yomimono hannes: tcpip tests call disconnect a lot, but I've never used it in live code

19-10-2016 15:25 hannes yomimono: does it also call connect itself?

19-10-2016 15:25 yomimono hannes: yes, on the network provided by mirage-vnetif

19-10-2016 15:26 djs55 I think when resources are implemented as file descriptors on Unix, it's good to be able to call disconnect = Unix.close

19-10-2016 15:26 hannes I think that for MirageOS devices, connect is generated by mirage, the tool, thus they're alive as long as the unikernel is alive

19-10-2016 15:26 yomimono the full lifecycle of the device is managed from within the test

19-10-2016 15:27 hannes yomimono: that's fine.

19-10-2016 15:27 hannes djs55: this is possible with providing a ?switch:Lwt_switch.t for connect as well, and switch it off once done

19-10-2016 15:28 djs55 Would the switch replace disconnect or be another way to call it? Maybe I should go and read the thread

19-10-2016 15:28 hannes (I don't have any experience with this Lwt_switch.t thingy, but it looks like it may be useful.. anyways, no concrete proposal here)

19-10-2016 15:29 hannes djs55: replace afaics

19-10-2016 15:29 hannes djs55: you'll need to keep your Device.t and Lwt_switch.t around for its lifetime, instead of only the device.t.

19-10-2016 15:29 avsm Lwt_switch seems a very Lwt-specific solution, whereas having the Lwt-free version use disconnect is more useful in the future (e.g. for Async)

19-10-2016 15:30 avsm and the Lwt versions would then wrap disconnect in a Lwt_switch

19-10-2016 15:31 yomimono anything further to say about this?

19-10-2016 15:32 yomimono please feel free to add to the mailing list thread as well :)

19-10-2016 15:32 yomimono next up at we have some items under "mirageos 3 targets"

19-10-2016 15:33 yomimono hannesm, mato, and ricarkol have been doing a bunch of work to get freebsd support working nicely via bhyve

19-10-2016 15:33 avsm yay freebsd!

19-10-2016 15:33 yomimono not sure whether any of them want to talk about that further, but I thought it was worth mentioning because it's cool

19-10-2016 15:34 yomimono so thanks for your work on this :)

19-10-2016 15:34 yomimono last item listed is that the qubesos target pr is currently stalled because I'm distracted

19-10-2016 15:35 avsm this is really awesome. The maintainers of bhyve and Hyperkit (the osx fork of xhyve that exposes the hypervisor framework on the mac) have been talking recently about reducing diffs, so I hope that this will also help getting unikernels-on-macos running sooner

19-10-2016 15:35 yomimono :D

19-10-2016 15:35 mato for MacOS, there's also dan's uhvf work but afaict that's stalled at the moment for personal reasons

19-10-2016 15:36 mato otherwise, freebsd support is awesome, also because it's shaking out other bugs / cleanups

19-10-2016 15:37 yomimono mato: would more folks testing be helpful for you?

19-10-2016 15:38 mato btw, if there's anyone here with experience with virtio-type data structures who could help with ironing out bugs in the Solo5 virtio code, that would be wonderful. djs55 perhaps?

19-10-2016 15:38 avsm I have PV FreeBSD VMs on EC2, but sadly not much use for this

19-10-2016 15:38 mato yomimono: we have three separate people with test machines now (hannes, ricardo and myself), so i think we're fine there

19-10-2016 15:38 djs55 I'm not a virtio expert unfortunately… more of a casual user, but I'd quite like to give it a go

19-10-2016 15:38 hannes or if anyone has time to implement virtio in OCaml, that'd be appreciated as well ;)

19-10-2016 15:38 djs55 that's on my long term "I wish I had time to try that" list

19-10-2016 15:39 mato I'm just worried about the virtio stuff because I think we're making some obvious-with-experience synchronization mistake

19-10-2016 15:40 djs55 justincormack and ijc_ are both pretty knowledgeable about virtio :)

19-10-2016 15:40 mato ah, good point, i'll ask ijc_

19-10-2016 15:42 mato (that's all from me on this topic for today ...)

19-10-2016 15:42 yomimono that's the end of our agenda!

19-10-2016 15:42 avsm AOB: any requests aside from matos?

19-10-2016 15:42 amirmc Yup

19-10-2016 15:42 thomasga is there an item for "MirageOS in space"?

19-10-2016 15:42 avsm please file issues on

19-10-2016 15:42 yomimono is a wiki, you can add whatever you like

19-10-2016 15:43 yomimono ^ thomasga :P

19-10-2016 15:43 avsm (I'll add martin's comments about the docgen to it, but I've had a number of people just mention stuff to me privately and I'm losing track)

19-10-2016 15:43 avsm If you pile all of your requests on there,that will help.

19-10-2016 15:43 thomasga unfortunately I have not much to say on that topic, but I would be glad to hear anyone who has things to say about it :-)

19-10-2016 15:43 avsm GemmaG: have you also been looking into Merlin support?

19-10-2016 15:43 GemmaG indeed I have!

19-10-2016 15:44 avsm I'm not sure how many people in Mirage use Merlin, but might be worth opening a feedback tracking issue on this

19-10-2016 15:44 GemmaG I have got some great feedback from JS, Mirage and individuals using Merlin - I'm collecting it to pass onto Fred so he can work on a longer term roadmap

19-10-2016 15:44 avsm I'm keen to expose a global database of all the Mirage ecosystem cmt files and Merlin seems to be a key part on that

19-10-2016 15:44 thomasga would be useful to have an idea on which library needs porting to topkg

19-10-2016 15:44 thomasga to help with docs

19-10-2016 15:44 amirmc AoB item: Brief update on MirageOS 3 announcement activity. We've got a rough draft of a press release from Linux Foundation Folks and I've been in touch with Ericsson and IBM folks about getting quotes. I now have a quote from Ericsson and should have something from IBM at some point. I've mentioned to both that the release date is not defined yet. Depends on how the hacking goes.

19-10-2016 15:44 GemmaG Yeah re tracking, I will aggregate my notes and add an issue and talk with Fred

19-10-2016 15:45 hannes thomasga: cstruct. pls split out cstruct.unix and cstruct.lwt :)

19-10-2016 15:45 thomasga also, once we have all the docs, it will be useful to go other them and improve them/make them more consistent :-)

19-10-2016 15:45 thomasga (hint: I am happy to help in the topkg + doc effort)

19-10-2016 15:45 noddy so there is this problem with ocamlbuild and C stubs, which gets painfully obvious with topkg..

19-10-2016 15:45 avsm noddy: I have the start of an ocamlbuild plugin that does C stubs entirely from scratch instead of using the existing ocamlbuild rules

19-10-2016 15:46 noddy .. in that ocamlbuild lacks sufficient support for building C stubs sanely, and mirage libs with C play some more tricks.

19-10-2016 15:46 noddy avsm: i made one and it's online

19-10-2016 15:46 thomasga \o/

19-10-2016 15:46 noddy build mirage libs out of box

19-10-2016 15:46 noddy BUT

19-10-2016 15:46 noddy it's completely wrong :)

19-10-2016 15:46 thomasga ha …. that seems useful :-)

19-10-2016 15:46 avsm where? i grabbed the existing ones in

19-10-2016 15:46 noddy so now i'm making another one which cleanly introduces new build targets. so far called .xclib

19-10-2016 15:46 avsm we've had them buried there for quite a while :-)

19-10-2016 15:47 noddy

19-10-2016 15:47 noddy but again, i'm rewriting the entire thing again. it works, but the approach is wrong.

19-10-2016 15:48 avsm ooh pkg-config support

19-10-2016 15:48 avsm ok, lets coordinate on this on the devel list

19-10-2016 15:48 noddy avsm: what i'm working on now if adding rules for a new build target which preps stuff and then chains off to the built-in (shipped-with) .clib support

19-10-2016 15:48 noddy open-closed principle.

19-10-2016 15:49 miragebot [mirage] yomimono pushed 4 new commits to master:

19-10-2016 15:49 miragebot mirage/master 5a28986 Martin Lucina: Invoke pkg-config directly when generating Makefile...

19-10-2016 15:49 miragebot mirage/master 9889afa Martin Lucina: Use LD=(...) in generated Makefile

19-10-2016 15:49 miragebot mirage/master ee26a38 Martin Lucina: Remove XENLIB from generated Makefile...

19-10-2016 15:49 avsm I'm not too keen on depending on the .clib support; we might as well just call the CC directly rather than go through ocaml

19-10-2016 15:49 hannes off to priscilla...

19-10-2016 15:50 noddy clib support is 10 lines of code. i prefer reusing their maintenance effort.

19-10-2016 15:50 avsm alright, lets chat about this on the devel list? I need to drop off now but will send an email later with an outline of the tcpip topkg fork which has some cstub rules as well

19-10-2016 15:50 avsm i think a combination of these plugins would work

19-10-2016 15:51 avsm dropping off now... thanks everyone!

19-10-2016 15:52 yomimono anything else, or shall we let unpurecamelbot take a nap?

19-10-2016 15:53 gemma_ Ok all done 😊