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Published: 2016-11-16 (last updated: 2016-11-16)

16-11-2016 16:00 avsm Greetings! Time for the MirageOS meeting, agenda here:

16-11-2016 16:00 avsm Who's around?

16-11-2016 16:00 yomimono hi!

16-11-2016 16:01 amirmc o/

16-11-2016 16:02 mato waves

16-11-2016 16:02 avsm a few people travelling and such today, so lets get started

16-11-2016 16:03 seangrove o/

16-11-2016 16:03 avsm First up is the release schedule - yomimono, take it away

16-11-2016 16:03 yomimono i'd hoped to tag a beta yesterday which clearly didn't happen

16-11-2016 16:03 yomimono but I'm still hoping to do that this week

16-11-2016 16:03 yomimono it's silly to do it before we're done making really huge API changes, and there's one big outstanding one: result errors

16-11-2016 16:04 yomimono so I'm trying to get that into close-enough shape to PR and merge first.

16-11-2016 16:04 mato what does "tagging a beta" mean exactly?

16-11-2016 16:04 amirmc Could we summarise the rough outline of the path to 3.0?

16-11-2016 16:05 amirmc and I also have the same question as mato :)

16-11-2016 16:05 yomimono mato: specifying a version (not dev~mirage) for mirage-types then expressing that version constraint for the universe of stuff that's currently in mirage-dev

16-11-2016 16:05 yomimono mato: also plan on renaming V1, V1_LWT before this change

16-11-2016 16:05 avsm So the good news is that once the API churn has stopped, this can happen in the existing mirage-dev; just convert the dev.mirage versions to concrete archivs

16-11-2016 16:06 avsm we do need to set upper bounds early on in opam-repository though

16-11-2016 16:06 mato yomimono: So, in practice, if someone wants to install the beta, what would they do?

16-11-2016 16:06 mato yomimono: and, conversely, what happens to fixes in between the beta and 3.0?

16-11-2016 16:07 yomimono mato: similar workflow to how you end up with the mirage3 stuff currently: custom repo, then opam install

16-11-2016 16:08 mato so there'll be a short-lived mirage/mirage-dev#beta or something like that?

16-11-2016 16:08 yomimono mato: depends on the magnitude. I'd imagined a lot of point "releases" for things within mirage-dev

16-11-2016 16:08 Hannes__ I guess the ability to specify version constraints in should also be fixed asap, since otherwise we end up in the same situation as now: we can't express support for a given mirage-types in a unikernel

16-11-2016 16:08 yomimono mato: something like that, yeah.

16-11-2016 16:08 mort___ says hi

16-11-2016 16:08 avsm that version constraints issue does seem pressing :-/

16-11-2016 16:08 mato is just trying to understand how easy it'll be to point users to trying out the beta

16-11-2016 16:08 amirmc ^^ same

16-11-2016 16:09 avsm A separate remote is a fine way to distribute the beta

16-11-2016 16:09 yomimono hannes__: everyone agrees that it would be nice to have, but nobody has had time to do it

16-11-2016 16:09 Hannes__ It seems to be easy if we remove the opam calls from mirage configure and use a make depend instead

16-11-2016 16:09 mato also, is "tagging a beta" dependent on tagging actual versions of all the unreleased packages in mirage-dev?

16-11-2016 16:09 yomimono mato, amirmc: what's your dream workflow for getting the beta?

16-11-2016 16:09 avsm One uncomfortable point right now is that mirage configure can also invoke opam pin, if you activate tracing, so its quite side-effectful

16-11-2016 16:10 yomimono mirage configure doesn't do that by itself

16-11-2016 16:10 yomimono avsm: it gives you some help text telling you that you should do it

16-11-2016 16:10 mato yomimono: having a separate remote available for trying out the beta (with instructions) is probably good enough for me

16-11-2016 16:10 avsm yomimono: yeah good point; I just c&p it blindly ;-)

16-11-2016 16:10 djwillia avsm: where's the best place to learn about "tracing"?

16-11-2016 16:11 amirmc yomimono: I think something like opam install mirage.beta1 would work (I'm totally making that up on the spot btw - no idea if it's sensible).

16-11-2016 16:11 avsm djwillia:

16-11-2016 16:11 mato amirmc: that would depend on getting all the beta dependencies into upstream opam proper

16-11-2016 16:11 Drup amirmc: better use the mirage-dev repo for that

16-11-2016 16:11 djwillia avsm: thanks

16-11-2016 16:11 yomimono amirmc: would opam remote add mirage-beta url && opam install mirage.beta1 be significantly worse from your perspective?

16-11-2016 16:12 avsm So the real goal of the first beta is to discover any show stoppers in APIs, not to have a fully reproducible beta1. So to some extent, we could even release with just the mirage-dev instructions without tagging releases

16-11-2016 16:12 yomimono (which is what drup and mato are saying)

16-11-2016 16:12 avsm Although tagging some of the core libraries seems prudent

16-11-2016 16:12 amirmc Asking people to add a remote and remember to remove it later seems complicated. If that's the best way for now, then fine. :)

16-11-2016 16:12 yomimono avsm: true, but it would be nice for people to know they have "the beta" rather than some old version, which right now they have no way of knowing

16-11-2016 16:12 mato +1

16-11-2016 16:13 yomimono if we're going to ask people to try things and report errors, I'd rather be able to know that they're not running into stuff we fixed weeks ago :)

16-11-2016 16:13 mato amirmc: we can probably add some magic conflicts to ensure that you're either on the beta remote or not (yomimono?)

16-11-2016 16:13 amirmc If we want people to use mirage-dev, we don't need to mention 'beta1' at all. Just be on mirage-dev for a while.

16-11-2016 16:13 avsm right, that's true, so we want to distinguish: mirage.2.9.1, mirage.3.0.0~beta1,

16-11-2016 16:14 yomimono we can express versions within mirage-dev

16-11-2016 16:14 Hannes__ Calling it beta1 helps!

16-11-2016 16:14 yomimono nods

16-11-2016 16:14 amirmc But current issue is that if people are trying to be productive a global remote affects other switches.

16-11-2016 16:14 avsm Bear in mind that we do not want beta1 to survive in the wild very long; there is only a month-long release window.

16-11-2016 16:15 avsm so confining it to the warm confines of mirage-dev would be prudent. It should not hit ocaml/opam-repository

16-11-2016 16:15 Drup amirmc: jump on the opam 2.0 bandwagon ? :D

16-11-2016 16:15 Hannes__ after all, there is a schedule?

16-11-2016 16:15 mato Sure, but (what amir said) we don't want the beta to potentially break people's existing working mirage 2 setups, whatever those might be

16-11-2016 16:15 amirmc drup: heh! one thing at a time :P

16-11-2016 16:15 Hannes__ amirmc: agreed. We can prove a shell script with pins as well

16-11-2016 16:16 Drup (it was a joke, even if per-switch repositories are really cool)

16-11-2016 16:16 amirmc drup: I know :)

16-11-2016 16:16 avsm The overall planning ticket is

16-11-2016 16:16 avsm amirmc: are you keeping the issue body uptodate with the comments?

16-11-2016 16:16 Hannes__ S/prove/provide/

16-11-2016 16:17 amirmc avsm: Is there something missing there?

16-11-2016 16:17 avsm mato: I think we just have to clearly document the limitations of remotes in OPAM 1.2. We can't solve every upstream tooling problem

16-11-2016 16:17 avsm amirmc: I dont know, I havent cross checked all the comments, hence my question :)

16-11-2016 16:18 amirmc avsm: I don't think there's anything to add to that issue. The only thing that isn't clear is what the rough timeline looks like.

16-11-2016 16:18 mato avsm: Ack.

16-11-2016 16:19 amirmc avsm: The checkboxes haven't changed and the announcement activity is the same. Just when things are expected to happen.

16-11-2016 16:19 avsm amirmc: ack, I (literally just now) added another one for the performance harness

16-11-2016 16:20 avsm Alright, so we can get a sensible schedule once we do the last of the API churning merges

16-11-2016 16:20 avsm and get the V1 renaming in

16-11-2016 16:20 avsm but broadly speaking, still aiming for a beta this month with a website update, and a final release in January

16-11-2016 16:21 yomimono unless everyone changes their minds and decides that the current error interface and names are just great and nothing needs to change :P

16-11-2016 16:21 avsm from experience, it takes a significant amount of time to tag and release, so I would account a few days for that

16-11-2016 16:21 avsm and adding upper bounds and so on

16-11-2016 16:21 mato indeed.

16-11-2016 16:21 Hannes__ But now we've topkg nearly everywhere :D

16-11-2016 16:21 mato so IIUC the beta1 remote does not depend on tagging or releasing the component packages?

16-11-2016 16:22 avsm mato: it makes sense to tag as many as we can

16-11-2016 16:22 avsm since that's the only vehicle by which we can constraint other packages

16-11-2016 16:22 yomimono mato: in practice, the fewer of them we tag the harder it will be to diagnose problem reports

16-11-2016 16:22 yomimono but it's not a strict requirement

16-11-2016 16:22 mato yomimono: hm. i'm away from tomorrow until the end of the week. so won't have time to tag the solo5 packages until i get back.

16-11-2016 16:23 amirmc I'm happy to review and walkthrough any instructions relating to the beta process. I'd like to get the early adopters using it. Just ping whenever's there's something to look at.

16-11-2016 16:23 avsm amirmc: sounds good!

16-11-2016 16:23 yomimono mato: is there a reason not to just tag current HEAD in a working universe?

16-11-2016 16:23 avsm mato: i have solo5 access right? i can do the tags on HEAD if you are away

16-11-2016 16:24 avsm jinx :)

16-11-2016 16:24 Hannes__ I guess an initial upgrade guide would be nice to have for beta testers as well

16-11-2016 16:24 mato avsm: yomimono: what i don't understand is is it just a tag or a full "release", i.e. new opam version number, changelog, etc.

16-11-2016 16:24 avsm i'd be surprised if we tag before Monday though

16-11-2016 16:24 avsm It's a full package release

16-11-2016 16:24 avsm just not uploaded to ocaml/opam-repository yet

16-11-2016 16:24 avsm but instead pushed to mirage/mirage-dev

16-11-2016 16:24 amirmc We'd need to point to the mirage-dev branch of skeleton too. That'll likely be helpful.

16-11-2016 16:25 mato avsm: yomimono: in that case i'd prefer to be around while that's being done.

16-11-2016 16:25 avsm ok, so anything burning on any individual issues yomimono (aside from the opam constraint)

16-11-2016 16:25 yomimono mato: ack.

16-11-2016 16:25 avsm mato: early next week should be fine

16-11-2016 16:26 mato sounds good

16-11-2016 16:26 yomimono avsm: would like to reiterate the opam constraint. I doubt that will involve API changes but it's pretty important and it seems no one has looked at it seriously yet

16-11-2016 16:27 avsm yeah, it does seem very important :-/

16-11-2016 16:27 avsm at least if we hold the beta to mirage-dev, we have December to do it in

16-11-2016 16:27 avsm since its only a real disaster once we have incompatible universes in opam stable

16-11-2016 16:28 avsm ok, onto the next topic...

16-11-2016 16:28 avsm compilers! OCaml 4.04.0 came out, and the package universe is slowly adapting

16-11-2016 16:28 avsm thanks mato for getting ocaml-freestanding working with it, so Solo5/4.04 should be good to test with

16-11-2016 16:29 avsm if anyone sees any packaging issues, please do raise them so that they get attention

16-11-2016 16:29 avsm most of the ppx universe should work now (ppx_sexp_conv and so on)

16-11-2016 16:29 yomimono xen/4.04 should be working as well, just to be clear

16-11-2016 16:29 yomimono please report problems with that too :)

16-11-2016 16:29 avsm yes sorry -- both xen and solo5. I'm going to shift mirage-www over today hopefully

16-11-2016 16:29 yomimono awesome!

16-11-2016 16:29 avsm we are still doing deployment builds on 4.02, no reason not to move now

16-11-2016 16:31 avsm Not much about 4.04, except

16-11-2016 16:31 amirmc Side question, Is 4.04 in homebrew yet?

16-11-2016 16:31 avsm Not yet, it's too early for the update as there's a 4.04.1 coming out with some important bugfixes

16-11-2016 16:32 amirmc ack

16-11-2016 16:32 yomimono plays sad trombone

16-11-2016 16:32 avsm opam switch should work of course

16-11-2016 16:32 avsm alright, onto testing then

16-11-2016 16:32 avsm yomimono: tracvis seems healthier now?

16-11-2016 16:32 amirmc Yup, was wondering when my collection of system-aliased switches was due to break :P

16-11-2016 16:33 yomimono avsm: not 100% healthy yet but getting there, thanks to you and hannes

16-11-2016 16:33 yomimono end of message

16-11-2016 16:34 avsm so good news on the CI front -- we do have working and successfully building revdeps

16-11-2016 16:34 avsm but its not live yet until i get stable machines, which are deploying as we speak on Scaleway

16-11-2016 16:34 avsm the issue is just getting the ton of storage we require

16-11-2016 16:34 yomimono correct link? that's your fork of mirage-dev

16-11-2016 16:34 avsm sorry

16-11-2016 16:34 yomimono awesome!

16-11-2016 16:34 avsm i'll move this to mirage/mirage-ci as soon as we have something live on

16-11-2016 16:35 avsm github support pinged me politely asking why i had a repo with 1 million+ branches being pushed to once a second

16-11-2016 16:35 yomimono #1 unicorn generator 2016

16-11-2016 16:35 avsm so i think we might want to set up our own git repos to be good citizens :P

16-11-2016 16:35 mato :-)

16-11-2016 16:35 thomasga (also the CI library is there if anyone wants to play with it)

16-11-2016 16:36 avsm and talex5 is giving a talk about it tomorrow in London!

16-11-2016 16:36 thomasga the build/test pipeline is defined with

16-11-2016 16:37 thomasga and then all of that get inspected/executed and we have a nice webserver and scheduler and so on

16-11-2016 16:37 avsm the way the CI is built is a nice DSL that lets you compose stages together with applicative plugins

16-11-2016 16:37 mato avsm: wouldn't it be better to host our own git for the huge repos? or is there some reason they been to be on github?

16-11-2016 16:37 mato s/been/need/

16-11-2016 16:37 amirmc It would be good to allocate some time to write a blog post about the CI work. To go out after the release, I mean.

16-11-2016 16:37 avsm mato: yes absolutely, just a matter of getting a stable machine set to do so

16-11-2016 16:37 thomasga I really hope and that talex5's talk is recorded :-)

16-11-2016 16:37 yomimono +1

16-11-2016 16:37 avsm amirmc: yes, gemma_ is coordinating the blog posts

16-11-2016 16:37 thomasga but yes, we need to write some blog post about that

16-11-2016 16:38 thomasga post(s)

16-11-2016 16:38 avsm I'll write about the mirage-ci DSls once its live

16-11-2016 16:38 amirmc +1

16-11-2016 16:38 thomasga I need to describe irmin/datakit relations too

16-11-2016 16:38 amirmc +1

16-11-2016 16:38 avsm there are Opam_build, Docker_build, Docker_run plugins and hannes is working on a FreeBSD_jail one as well

16-11-2016 16:38 avsm more on that next meeting or before in mirageos-devel when its live

16-11-2016 16:39 avsm I've also started resurrecting our old Mirage2 performance harness with mort___ and Takayuki Imada

16-11-2016 16:39 avsm we just met this morning, so more on that as the beta gets tagged. it's of course quite important to be able to measure our release :)

16-11-2016 16:40 yomimono this is cool! I look forward to seeing it develop

16-11-2016 16:40 mort___ avsm: have you done anything with mirage-perf yet? current harness is rather tied to xenserver specifically (having just looked at it)…

16-11-2016 16:40 avsm mort___: nope

16-11-2016 16:40 avsm there is a nice looking iperf unikernel in there though

16-11-2016 16:41 avsm and now we have a proper logging library in v3!

16-11-2016 16:41 mort___ yes

16-11-2016 16:41 mort___ am going to bring that up to latest mirage/functoria at least

16-11-2016 16:41 avsm awesome

16-11-2016 16:42 avsm Alright, onto the hack event!

16-11-2016 16:42 avsm

16-11-2016 16:42 avsm lots of fun stuff got done -- anyone have any queries about any particular project?

16-11-2016 16:42 yomimono I had ?s about mirage-ci which are now very answered :D

16-11-2016 16:42 avsm I'm keen to see the local version of the MirageCI that hannes and thomasga hacked on :-)

16-11-2016 16:43 avsm Also hannes has started organising the next hackathon in Marrakech

16-11-2016 16:43 avsm so quite a few physical events in warm and cold climates in the next months, but not many outside EMEA

16-11-2016 16:43 amirmc hannes: Can you remind us of the dates again? :)

16-11-2016 16:43 seangrove Is the mirage-ci stuff meant to be used by people like me, building stuff using mirage, xor just for the development of mirage itself?

16-11-2016 16:44 seangrove And yay for Marrakech!

16-11-2016 16:44 avsm seangrove: it's actually a bunch of libraries that generates a CLI, so i use it locally with Docker4Mac

16-11-2016 16:44 yomimono I think hannes is away atm but the dates last I heard were the first week in march

16-11-2016 16:44 avsm there's a 'canary' mode that only builds the master branch, so it's quite convenient for local dev too

16-11-2016 16:44 avsm but it's certainly not out of experimental yet, so i'd wait for it to be stable on first

16-11-2016 16:45 avsm there are a few other users of it now as well (e.g. internally at Docker for our infrastructure), so stability will only get better

16-11-2016 16:46 avsm I think that's pretty much it for the written-down-agenda this week

16-11-2016 16:46 amirmc FYI, Marrakech is 2-7 March. I may well have a clash :-/

16-11-2016 16:46 yomimono attending for a subset of the dates is OK FWIW

16-11-2016 16:46 yomimono (according to mail from hannes)

16-11-2016 16:47 avsm does anyone remember how to shut the bot down? :-)