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Published: 2016-06-15 (last updated: 2016-06-29)

15-06-2016 14:45 hannes just to let the IRC know, versioned modules: still not sure where they should be needed, but I'm in the middle of doing an experiment (adjusting module type RANDOM) and see why/how/whether they're useful...

15-06-2016 14:47 yomimono hm, so you'll make a V2 with a new definition of RANDOM?

15-06-2016 14:47 hannes no

15-06-2016 14:47 yomimono and same definitions of other module types as V1? or just with RANDOM in it?

15-06-2016 14:47 hannes no

15-06-2016 14:48 yomimono cool, I was hoping to be wrong on the internet today :P

15-06-2016 14:48 hannes I'll adjust what we have and see whether there is trouble in updating it (as thomas and thomas proposed)

15-06-2016 14:48 yomimono ah, ok

15-06-2016 14:48 hannes alternatively, we could version function names as well... read_v1, read_v2, read_v1_point_5

15-06-2016 14:49 yomimono enterprisey

15-06-2016 14:49 hannes I'm just slow 'coz I want to finish this signing before monday to have an updated paper with working code.. thus random experiment was deferreed to next week

15-06-2016 14:51 yomimono that's cool, I think many of us who are working at WhaleCo are very busy this week too

15-06-2016 14:51 hannes yomimono: and sorry for the extensive blurb on the arp thingy on github...

15-06-2016 14:51 yomimono so if you want folks to share your update pain it may be best to delay until around 22 June :P

15-06-2016 14:52 yomimono hannes: oh no, very much appreciated; it's not worth it to merge the wrong thing

15-06-2016 14:52 yomimono I'm a bit PR-happy at the moment because I can finally rebase a bunch of stuff and put it in the wild without making a ton more work for myself later

15-06-2016 14:53 reynir o/

15-06-2016 14:54 yomimono hi reynir!

15-06-2016 14:54 reynir Hi!

15-06-2016 14:54 reynir I remembered the meeting this time (I ususally forget) :)

15-06-2016 14:54 hannes reynir: \o/

15-06-2016 14:58 hannes engil: I have to hit my canopy every third day... does yours on unix also suffer from some memory leaking?

15-06-2016 14:58 hannes or does it just run and run and run?

15-06-2016 15:00 yomimono at 16:00 BST (UTC+1) our fortnightly mirage meeting commences :)

15-06-2016 15:00 yomimono agenda is available at

15-06-2016 15:01 yomimono unpurecamelbot: ready?

15-06-2016 15:03 thomasga1 yo

15-06-2016 15:03 dbuenzli ya

15-06-2016 15:03 GemmaG Hi :)

15-06-2016 15:03 mato \o/

15-06-2016 15:03 talex5 hi

15-06-2016 15:03 yallop hi

15-06-2016 15:03 djwillia hi all

15-06-2016 15:04 yomimono a lot of folks are here! :D agenda is at if anyone wants to add stuff.

15-06-2016 15:04 yomimono avsm asked me to convey some items on the first point, "quality and test"

15-06-2016 15:04 yomimono BEGIN QUOTE:

15-06-2016 15:04 yomimono Docker containers: There's been a big refresh of the containers hosted at the Docker Hub:

15-06-2016 15:04 yomimono - OPAM2 is now supported via docker run -it ocaml/opam-dev. This is a mirror of the ocaml/opam namespace, except that OPAM2dev is installed and the local OPAM repository upgraded to the new format (compilers-as-packages). Please try it out and experiment with OPAM2 and report bugs back to the issue tracker.

15-06-2016 15:05 yomimono New distros: Alpine 3.4, Raspbian 8 (ARM) works, Alpine 3.4/ARM incoming, Ubuntu 16.04

15-06-2016 15:05 yomimono - Deprecated: Ubuntu 15.10 (in favour of LTS Ubuntu 16.10).

15-06-2016 15:05 yomimono END QUOTE, sorry for the spam :)

15-06-2016 15:05 reynir 16.04*

15-06-2016 15:06 yomimono is 16.04 the LTS version, not 16.10?

15-06-2016 15:06 mato It ain't 10/2016 yet :)

15-06-2016 15:06 noddy appears

15-06-2016 15:06 yomimono ...that's a pretty good point

15-06-2016 15:06 reynir I believe 16.04 is LTS and I don't think 16.10 has been released yet (october) :)

15-06-2016 15:07 yomimono anything else about the containers on Hub?

15-06-2016 15:07 dinosaure o/

15-06-2016 15:08 yomimono awkwardly waves but also gestures in a recognizing manner at dinosaure

15-06-2016 15:09 yomimono next on the agenda we have datakit prototype progress - talex5 or thomasga1, before I pastedump avsm's status did you want to give us an update?

15-06-2016 15:09 dbuenzli Daniel starts falling asleep.

15-06-2016 15:10 yomimono OK, in that case BEGIN QUOTE from avsm:

15-06-2016 15:10 talex5 Not sure what this item is about. Work continues on DataKit (currently a 9p interface to Irmin).

15-06-2016 15:10 yomimono - New VM for setup where we will have the DataKit CI UI for MirageOS.

15-06-2016 15:10 yomimono - This will be a build pipeline that uses opam-lib and the containers to test incoming Mirage libraries in real time.

15-06-2016 15:10 yomimono - Two Cambridge interns joining us for the summer in July (Joel and Ciaran) who will hack on the web UI and scheduler, so it's ready before ICFP.

15-06-2016 15:10 yomimono - TWiOPAM: works now, but not yet hooked up to run regularly. Any thoughts on where to publish this output would be useful -- should we push it to Canopy weekly for Mirage libraries?

15-06-2016 15:10 yomimono END QUOTE

15-06-2016 15:10 thomasga1 No progress for me.

15-06-2016 15:11 yomimono I think we don't have Joel or Ciaran here, so possibly we should just move on before dbuenzli dies of boredom

15-06-2016 15:11 yomimono Mirage 3!

15-06-2016 15:11 yomimono we had a mail thread where folks put some thoughts about upgrading and API changes

15-06-2016 15:11 thomasga1 Who's the release manager? :-)

15-06-2016 15:11 yomimono there are some items in the call agenda that are more aimed at process, like that one :P

15-06-2016 15:12 yomimono I'm willing to do that if nobody else is keen and nobody objects to me doing it

15-06-2016 15:12 dbuenzli +1

15-06-2016 15:12 GemmaG Sounds great!

15-06-2016 15:12 hannes yomimono: +1 you doing it

15-06-2016 15:12 thomasga1 yay!

15-06-2016 15:12 noddy motion accepted

15-06-2016 15:13 yomimono ...right then

15-06-2016 15:13 GemmaG Thanks yomimono :)

15-06-2016 15:13 yomimono please send me a copy of release managing for random idiots

15-06-2016 15:13 wiredsister lol

15-06-2016 15:13 yomimono I'll follow up on the mailing list thread this week

15-06-2016 15:13 yomimono and keep driving discussion thhere

15-06-2016 15:13 mort___ (here, sorry late, IRC issues)

15-06-2016 15:13 thomasga1 yomimono: it's easy, just do what you want

15-06-2016 15:14 yomimono any other points/suggestions/bad advice before we move on to solo5?

15-06-2016 15:14 hannes I mentioned it earlier here

15-06-2016 15:15 hannes I still don't understand this multiple versions of an interface in mirage-types (and am too stupid to follow last meetings discussions), but wanted to actually try out what it means to update an interface in mirage-types

15-06-2016 15:15 hannes nevertheless I was deferred by writing some signing code till next week...

15-06-2016 15:15 yomimono having just gone through this process for mirage-tcpip (a couple of times!), would it be useful if I just wrote up what this is like?

15-06-2016 15:15 thomasga1 I think the role of the release manager is to decide on something about that after discussing with people who have an opinions

15-06-2016 15:16 thomasga1 yes, writing or discussing in person/by email with the people seems a good idea

15-06-2016 15:16 mort___ yomimono: i think it would be useful, yes

15-06-2016 15:17 noddy i think the question hannes is posing is rather, why have parallel version, not how to upgrade. but that discussion already happened.

15-06-2016 15:17 noddy (and i dozed over it :) )

15-06-2016 15:17 thomasga1 noddy: I am still unclear what is the best approach, but I am happy to defer it to people who care/have time to think about it.

15-06-2016 15:17 dbuenzli What was the result ? Personally it seems dubious to me that you want to version interfaces at the language level.

15-06-2016 15:18 hannes noddy: did that discussion happen? the result still looks uncertain to me

15-06-2016 15:18 GemmaG Added to agenda as a resolution appeared unclear…

15-06-2016 15:18 dbuenzli You are bringing the version problem in the language. This should be left to package managers.

15-06-2016 15:18 noddy dbuenzli: hannes: exactly, the answer escapes me too. but apparently the question was asked.

15-06-2016 15:18 yomimono I think a lot of our discussion about where to surface this versioning and dependency information has centered around how painful it is to do certain operations

15-06-2016 15:18 hannes dbuenzli: exactly my point.

15-06-2016 15:19 dbuenzli Well I already made that point at least a year ago...

15-06-2016 15:19 talex5 (discussion on the list)

15-06-2016 15:19 yomimono thanks talex5

15-06-2016 15:19 noddy anyone mind doing tl;dr of the summary? why language-level versions, again?

15-06-2016 15:20 talex5 Because once you have several implementations of an interface, and you have to change everything at once, it becomes nearly impossible to make progress.

15-06-2016 15:20 noddy so instead you ossify the entire api history and carry it forever, and constantly walk the minefied of which-exact-version-of-the-api these libs i need implement?

15-06-2016 15:21 yomimono I think this is why folks think it's useful to figure out exactly how bad the experience really is by doing it

15-06-2016 15:21 yomimono I've been through this a few times -- a bunch of the custom network code I wrote a while ago is now unusable because of mirage-types changes, for example

15-06-2016 15:21 hannes but will multiple language-level versions help there at all?

15-06-2016 15:21 yomimono but I don't think it's worth discounting the entire approach for that reason - there are many explanations for why software doesn't get updated

15-06-2016 15:22 hannes yomimono: it is certainly usable with a mirage-types from that time..

15-06-2016 15:22 talex5 Well, the V1_of_V2 functor is never going to change, so you could carry it forever. But just having the last two would help a lot.

15-06-2016 15:22 dbuenzli What needs to be understood is how much of this pain is actually due to the way Mirage's interfaces are themselves organized.

15-06-2016 15:22 dbuenzli Maybe be a bit less functory...

15-06-2016 15:23 yomimono A lot of this pain also comes from our lack of ability to specify version constraints in IMO

15-06-2016 15:23 thomasga1 I am not sure this issue will be resolved during that meeting, but it clearly need to be resolved

15-06-2016 15:23 noddy linux kernel has a contract that kernel apis never, ever, ever change. they are only extended. as a consequence, binaries from upper paleolithic work, kernel-wise.

15-06-2016 15:23 noddy however, linux kernel mimicks a well-understood api mode, something posix-like. mirage can change violently.

15-06-2016 15:23 dbuenzli And so cruft was created

15-06-2016 15:23 noddy the greater the change, the more cruft.

15-06-2016 15:23 noddy so that is the tradeoff.

15-06-2016 15:23 thomasga1 can I suggest that some people gather and write some code, and we see how it works? :-)

15-06-2016 15:24 talex5 noddy: Linux has a bigger problem: clients don't specify which version they want. So changes have to be compatible.

15-06-2016 15:24 noddy fair point, yeah

15-06-2016 15:24 thomasga1 (under the benevolent supervision of our new release manager)

15-06-2016 15:24 mort___ thomasga1: +1

15-06-2016 15:24 yomimono hannes has already put himself on the hook for this; I've said I'll write some words

15-06-2016 15:25 dbuenzli I think it would be useful to e.g. try to turn the tcp/ip stack to the way ocaml-tls was designed, i.e. independent from mirage

15-06-2016 15:25 thomasga1 I am afraid that a rewrite of the tcpip-stack is Mirage 10 instead

15-06-2016 15:25 yomimono This ties into the larger point of modules defining their own module types, I think

15-06-2016 15:25 hannes hides in HOL4

15-06-2016 15:26 talex5 tcp and tls both only have one implementation, so they're the simple case.

15-06-2016 15:26 dbuenzli Well there are turns to be taken at the right moment.

15-06-2016 15:26 yomimono tcp itself, yes, but there are modules within tcp with >1 implementation

15-06-2016 15:26 yomimono like the static arp module I sneakily tried to get into master

15-06-2016 15:26 hannes (there's around the corner...)

15-06-2016 15:26 noddy talex5: but this is exactly the point. if you have foo-a and foo-b, and only foo-a moves to v.PI and boo-b is at v.E, how does that help?

15-06-2016 15:27 mort___ yomimono: i think the lack of version constraints in is probably an important part of it — the gap between source (, tool-generated source (outputs of mirage) and compile/link behaviour (opam constraints and dynamic update when the make happens) seems to cause problems afaics

15-06-2016 15:27 dbuenzli mort do you suggest the problem is maybe too much meta-programming crap ?

15-06-2016 15:28 noddy wishes irc had the edit function

15-06-2016 15:28 mort___ dbuenzli: too much — or not enough? ;)

15-06-2016 15:28 hannes ...every problem can be solved by adding a layer of abstraction... oh dear

15-06-2016 15:28 mort___ i think that the toolchain we have is still evolving

15-06-2016 15:28 dbuenzli It may even be wrong.

15-06-2016 15:29 mort___ i think that the suggestion that (aiui, noted above) hannes and yomimono give this a go and see what actually happens is a good one

15-06-2016 15:29 djs55 I think the mirage tool executing opam is a bit odd (and prevents opam calling mirage calling opam and deadlocking)

15-06-2016 15:29 yomimono So let's try and make a more right thing :)

15-06-2016 15:29 noddy djs55: wee need universe hierarchies

15-06-2016 15:29 yomimono possibly the right thing to do is have each mirage unikernel distribute its own opam file with depopts

15-06-2016 15:29 mort___ dbuenzli: i think that for you to convince me it's wrong, first you'd have to convince me what right is

15-06-2016 15:30 hannes djs55: mirage calling opam is for sure (and being discussed over) a bad idea for several things.. (which needs some clever solution, but IMHO that does not include a V42)

15-06-2016 15:30 mort___ djs55: yes; given the make depends target, why does it do that?

15-06-2016 15:30 dbuenzli I think that djs55 is quite pertinent I find it strange that you have to fiddle with opam.

15-06-2016 15:30 dbuenzli mort: that's not the way things work.

15-06-2016 15:30 hannes ..and off to the train station

15-06-2016 15:30 reynir \o

15-06-2016 15:30 mort___ yomimono: i think that having each unikernel distribute some deployment metadata in a well understood format would be entirely sensible

15-06-2016 15:30 dbuenzli otherwise we can never make criticisms before having solved the problem.

15-06-2016 15:31 yomimono I agree with djs55, and maybe now that we have functoria it's a good time to think of a more intelligent second thing to do with the mirage tool

15-06-2016 15:31 mort___ dbuenzli: not asking for solution, asking what "right" would look like. equivalently: to tell me something is wrong suggests you have a well specified problem…

15-06-2016 15:31 yomimono dbuenzli, mort: take it DM please

15-06-2016 15:31 yomimono er, to DM

15-06-2016 15:31 noddy dungeon master?

15-06-2016 15:31 yomimono yes

15-06-2016 15:31 mort___ (sorry)

15-06-2016 15:31 thomasga1 roles a dice

15-06-2016 15:32 yomimono I don't know whose thac0 is what

15-06-2016 15:32 noddy jumps around with a sword

15-06-2016 15:32 noddy mine is -1

15-06-2016 15:32 mort___ has several swords. discussion for a different time…

15-06-2016 15:32 thomasga1 well, having a better way to handle opam/mirage interactions is clearly a good idea

15-06-2016 15:32 yomimono so I think most folks agree that we have a lot of, um, opportunity in california business speak

15-06-2016 15:32 thomasga1 it was a good hack at the time :p

15-06-2016 15:33 noddy all: question: do you seriously think it will be possible to maintain V_N_of_V_succ_N functors?

15-06-2016 15:33 noddy if so, then it might be a workable.. compromise? attempt?

15-06-2016 15:33 yomimono noddy: I don't know what that means?

15-06-2016 15:33 dbuenzli Ugh

15-06-2016 15:34 noddy instead of the platform implementing all the historic api versions, having small shims to downgrade

15-06-2016 15:34 yomimono Oof, I think I don't want to write them

15-06-2016 15:34 noddy hence, hacking around version incompats is as easy as slapping the downgrade shim onto the current version

15-06-2016 15:34 talex5 I plan to try this with mirage-net-xen, but currently busy with DataKit.

15-06-2016 15:34 noddy if not, then lang-lev versions are completely wrong -- imho

15-06-2016 15:35 noddy if yes, then it could word because cruft is isolated.

15-06-2016 15:35 noddy </dungeon master>

15-06-2016 15:35 yomimono I think that proposal has a big problem once you really do want to remove something. (And it also increases demands on the developers of libraries.)

15-06-2016 15:35 mort___ noddy: i doubt it. but i'm also not sure that simply specifying exact versions at the language level is great either as no-one ever gets upgraded then. (but perhaps that's not a bad thing?) but that's why trying it out is required.

15-06-2016 15:35 noddy why don't we try moving fast, breaking things, instead?

15-06-2016 15:36 dbuenzli +1

15-06-2016 15:36 noddy it's easer to start ossifying, than to stop

15-06-2016 15:36 mort___ because so very many things break, all at once, and then someone's on the hook to fix them all

15-06-2016 15:36 noddy wait

15-06-2016 15:36 mort___ we're not deploying a single app usually, we're "deploying" a large ecosystem of libraries

15-06-2016 15:36 noddy waitwaitwait

15-06-2016 15:36 yomimono waits

15-06-2016 15:37 noddy but if you write V_succ_N, DON'T IMPLEMENT IT, then things continue working??

15-06-2016 15:37 noddy (rather, move the implementation to succ_N and leave N just in types)

15-06-2016 15:37 mort___ not sure i understand what that means?

15-06-2016 15:37 thomasga1 noddy: the sequence of events is: 1/ I update mirage-types to make a API breaking change 2/ I need to update all the implementation of that signature 3/ I need to change the mirage tool to be sure that we pull the right versions of signature/implementations.

15-06-2016 15:37 yomimono I think I'd need to see an example of this to form an opinion

15-06-2016 15:38 noddy i mean, what's the difference? the underlying code is evolving. leaving the versioned api hanging around doesn't really solve the issue of including all that code in a single, working unikernel?

15-06-2016 15:38 thomasga1 the step between 2/ and 3/ can be veryyyy big and tedious.

15-06-2016 15:38 thomasga1 which usually we don't do 1/ to not start the cycle.

15-06-2016 15:38 djs55 and that's because we can't have version constraints as yomonino mentioned I think

15-06-2016 15:38 thomasga1 I don't like putting version constraints in the module names at all. But I don't like not being able to move at all worst.

15-06-2016 15:39 yomimono which is because of the way we express the dependencies in mirage as djs55 mentioned

15-06-2016 15:39 mort___ noddy: i think: underlying code is released as different version of component library; opam constraints are used to pull that in. but all the other tools have no visibility of that (per thomasga1 comment)

15-06-2016 15:39 thomasga1 (would be nice to be able to edit IRC sentences)

15-06-2016 15:39 noddy i'm imagining stacking two, let's say, FLOWs together.

15-06-2016 15:40 noddy the upper one was ported to V7

15-06-2016 15:40 noddy the lower one is stuck at V3

15-06-2016 15:40 noddy the upper one is a FLOW->FLOW functor

15-06-2016 15:40 thomasga1 yes that sucks.

15-06-2016 15:40 noddy wat do

15-06-2016 15:40 noddy n^2?

15-06-2016 15:40 mort___ all: i know this is important but i'm not sure it'll be solved right here and now, and there are several other agenda items to cover — perhaps this could be taken to (eg) the list, or an issue? (full editing capabilities available!)

15-06-2016 15:41 thomasga1 next!

15-06-2016 15:41 yomimono pounds gavel

15-06-2016 15:41 thomasga1 (I need to run soon)

15-06-2016 15:41 yomimono next up is solo5 which I bet mato and djwillia are super pumped to tell us about

15-06-2016 15:41 yomimono and ricarkol :)

15-06-2016 15:41 yomimono and anyone else I missed :P

15-06-2016 15:42 mato Ok, solo5. Good progress over the last couple of weeks. Mirage/Solo5 now has a (simplistic but working) scheduler.

15-06-2016 15:42 yomimono is there a best repo to watch for folks who want to keep up with what's happening there?

15-06-2016 15:42 mato I have made a tracking issue to cover the steps to an initial release/upstreaming, you can follow at:

15-06-2016 15:43 mato yomimono: djwillia/solo5, I try to concentrate the issues there. But that tracking issue is your best bet for now, I'll keep updating it as I go along.

15-06-2016 15:43 yomimono mato: great, thanks!

15-06-2016 15:43 mato The other repos are djwillia/{mirage-platform,mirage,...}

15-06-2016 15:44 mato gemma (seems to have left) was asking about timing for publishing a blog post (co-authored with djwillia) about porting mirage to solo5

15-06-2016 15:45 yomimono gemma had to run but she'll get the notes here, so any answer would be appreciated I think :)

15-06-2016 15:45 yomimono the agenda notes this might be co-timed with the hackathon, so maybe it's a good time for me to paste an update from her on that?

15-06-2016 15:46 mato i think we should have a formal initial release of Mirage/Solo5 in place before we publish any blogs

15-06-2016 15:46 mato otherwise users have no "version" to target

15-06-2016 15:46 yomimono fair enough!

15-06-2016 15:47 mato my eta for that is to have things as ready for merging as possible the week before the hackathon

15-06-2016 15:47 mato and then ideally thrash out the merge to upstream while dan and myself are in cambridge

15-06-2016 15:48 yomimono that sounds like an excellent plan to me

15-06-2016 15:48 mato okay, let's go with that then. djwillia?

15-06-2016 15:49 djwillia mato: yes, sounds good to me, looking forward to it and followup on slack to help with items

15-06-2016 15:49 mato ack

15-06-2016 15:49 djwillia mato: thanks for putting together that list

15-06-2016 15:49 yomimono there's also a note here about "sync up with OPAM 2.0 items" - not sure what needs discussion here?

15-06-2016 15:49 djwillia mato: and all the awesome work you've been doing!

15-06-2016 15:49 yomimono +1!

15-06-2016 15:50 mato yomimono: as "release manager" i'll be asking you for opinions on how/where the solo5 bits should be merged, once we're closer to that point

15-06-2016 15:50 yomimono I deserve that

15-06-2016 15:51 mato :-)

15-06-2016 15:51 mato ok, done with solo5 if no one has any questions i think.

15-06-2016 15:52 yomimono next up - thomasga1, 4.03 flambda testing?

15-06-2016 15:52 thomasga1 none

15-06-2016 15:52 yomimono I saw that hannes has been adding 4.03 tests to some repositories; we could start doing that more generally

15-06-2016 15:53 thomasga1 I have tried to use the new lto branch (to do dead-code elimination in native mode) but it didn't compile

15-06-2016 15:53 yomimono aw :(

15-06-2016 15:53 yomimono I want that branch.

15-06-2016 15:53 thomasga1 Pierre pushed a patch so I should try it again, I'll try to do that at one point

15-06-2016 15:53 yomimono Cool. If anyone else gets time first, do send a mail to the list :)

15-06-2016 15:53 thomasga1 opam switch 4.04.0+forced_lto

15-06-2016 15:53 yomimono it would make a great followon to hannes's posts about where the bytes in unikernels come from

15-06-2016 15:54 thomasga1 (it's in the main repo)

15-06-2016 15:54 mort___ thomasga1: i just tried typing that and build failed too

15-06-2016 15:54 thomasga1 you might need to opam update, Pierre's patch was merged recently

15-06-2016 15:55 mort___ failure looks like some shell nonsense, possibly because i don't already have the switch directory in place

15-06-2016 15:55 yomimono OK, sounds like that's probably all for flambda, save some hackery that we can save for lateer

15-06-2016 15:55 yomimono people are probably curious about the hackathon so I'll paste Gemma's update:

15-06-2016 15:55 yomimono BEGIN QUOTE:

15-06-2016 15:55 yomimono Current planned venue is Darwin College, Cambridge. Looking at spreading it over 2 days (Thurs 14th and Fri 15th July). I'll take it to the mailing list, but if anyone is travelling far to get to Cambridge and will require a night/a few nights accommodation please let me know so I can look into rooms. Met a few people at the FP meetup in London last night who are also interested, so we might have some new people.

15-06-2016 15:56 yomimono END QUOTE

15-06-2016 15:56 yomimono also, GET HYPE

15-06-2016 15:56 dbuenzli HYPE is HYPED

15-06-2016 15:56 mattg is HYPED

15-06-2016 15:57 yomimono YEAAAAAAAAH

15-06-2016 15:57 yomimono we have also at the end of the agenda an "outreachy" header, but no items under it!

15-06-2016 15:57 wiredsister haha

15-06-2016 15:57 yomimono outreachy is pretty great!

15-06-2016 15:57 wiredsister yay outreachy

15-06-2016 15:57 mort___ has wiredsister's fine blog post been mentioned enough yet?

15-06-2016 15:57 yomimono no! thank you for pointing that out!

15-06-2016 15:58 wiredsister yes, I did a blog thing about syslog.

15-06-2016 15:58 mort___ bows politely

15-06-2016 15:58 wiredsister general question about something I'm thinking on:

15-06-2016 15:58 wiredsister so an issue was posted asking for a "killer example" of syslog

15-06-2016 15:58 wiredsister which might be something for me to work towards

15-06-2016 15:58 yomimono (here's the blog post, if anyone missed it: )

15-06-2016 15:59 wiredsister thanks yomimono :)

15-06-2016 15:59 Drup hum, it's not on the ocaml planet.

15-06-2016 15:59 mort___ (wiredsister: pls could you point at the issue?)

15-06-2016 15:59 wiredsister yeah, one second

15-06-2016 15:59 wiredsister

15-06-2016 16:00 mort___ (ta)

15-06-2016 16:00 wiredsister so, this was for a canopy example

15-06-2016 16:00 wiredsister which I'm not sure would be the best example, but it's not a bad idea

15-06-2016 16:00 wiredsister so a question for me would be, what would be a great blog post + example using syslog? I was thinking maybe something involving docker for hype value and practicality.

15-06-2016 16:01 wiredsister like, "How to make a syslog unikernel drunk and blindfolded!"

15-06-2016 16:01 wiredsister something catchy for the kids.

15-06-2016 16:01 yomimono something cool with types and structured messages and js visualizations maybe? kids love GUIs

15-06-2016 16:02 mort___ hm. not sure i understand (i rarely do). i think i interpret that issue as: could we have a webserver that posted apache-style log entries via syslog

15-06-2016 16:02 yomimono or like "replicate this $6000 SIEM in one easy step"

15-06-2016 16:02 thomasga1 something like ?

15-06-2016 16:02 wiredsister ooh great thomasga1

15-06-2016 16:03 dbuenzli Need to get some work done. Bye.

15-06-2016 16:04 mato wiredsister: I'd go for something like start X unikernels, all logging happily to a syslogd unikernel

15-06-2016 16:05 wiredsister yeah, an integrated example would be best

15-06-2016 16:05 wiredsister okay, cool. I'm going to paste this convo to this issue and keep the discussion going there.

15-06-2016 16:05 mato wiredsister: for the hackathon i'd also like to have unikernel-runner (my run unikernels as docker containers glue) working with solo5, so could then help you to "dockerize" the example.

15-06-2016 16:05 mato wiredsister: please ping me in the issue (@mato) so i get notifications, thx

15-06-2016 16:05 wiredsister sounds like a fun time

15-06-2016 16:05 wiredsister will do

15-06-2016 16:06 wiredsister thanks mato

15-06-2016 16:06 mato i have to run

15-06-2016 16:06 wiredsister was outreachy mentioned because of new applicants yomimono?

15-06-2016 16:06 mato see you all later

15-06-2016 16:06 wiredsister I don't know when the next round starts applying

15-06-2016 16:07 yomimono hm, I don't think it's for a bit yet.

15-06-2016 16:07 wiredsister okay

15-06-2016 16:07 yomimono later mato, thanks for coming :)

15-06-2016 16:08 yomimono "The next round of Outreachy internships will have an application deadline on October 17, 2016, and internship dates from December 6, 2016 to March 6, 2017. "

15-06-2016 16:08 yomimono so we're a ways out - tell your friends!