Irc discussions from #mirage on 15-03-2017

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Published: 2017-06-25 (last updated: 2017-06-25)

15-03-2017 16:02 yomimono it's 16.00 UTC and it's been 2 weeks since our last catchup! must be time for another one.

15-03-2017 16:02 mort___ .

15-03-2017 16:02 amirmc o/

15-03-2017 16:02 thomasga \~o~/

15-03-2017 16:03 djwillia hi all! how was the retreat?

15-03-2017 16:03 yomimono so sunny :D

15-03-2017 16:03 yomimono and so pull-request-ful :D

15-03-2017 16:03 yomimono insufficient djwillias though :(

15-03-2017 16:03 amirmc Indeed.

15-03-2017 16:04 yomimono in fact, first item on the agenda over at is thanking hannes for organizing it :D

15-03-2017 16:04 yomimono stands up and applauds loudly

15-03-2017 16:05 mort___ +1 to that

15-03-2017 16:06 yomimono we had a few asks from hannes during the hack retreat that are lingering: a request that people write up their experiences, and a request for folks to exchange keys for for conex

15-03-2017 16:06 yomimono I haven't done either of those things D: but I hope to do both of them soon.

15-03-2017 16:07 amirmc +1 to write ups. It would be great to get something up on the website :)

15-03-2017 16:10 yomimono sounds like not much more to say about that?

15-03-2017 16:10 djwillia hannes sent me a mail saying the next one is in the works?

15-03-2017 16:10 djwillia for the end of November?

15-03-2017 16:10 yomimono yes! the hostel in marrakesh is reserved for early December/end of November

15-03-2017 16:11 yomimono I don't recall the exact dates, but I expect hannes will send mail once it's sufficiently confirmed

15-03-2017 16:12 yomimono other questions/comments?

15-03-2017 16:13 yomimono hearing none! I stuck an agenda item up for some releases I did early this week: mirage 3.0.1 (and 3.0.2 with a better color fix), also tcpip 3.1.0

15-03-2017 16:14 yomimono all contain a lot of work from the hack retreat and I was delighted to note new names in the changelogs :D

15-03-2017 16:14 talex5 Great! These will simplify the installation of mirage-firewall nicely :-)

15-03-2017 16:14 yomimono djs55: tcpip 3.1.0 contains your mtu changes, notably

15-03-2017 16:16 yomimono we should release mirage-nat and mirage-firewall soon as well, which got a lot of hack retreat work

15-03-2017 16:17 yomimono if anyone else has major work in the pipeline which they expect to see released soon, please shout :)

15-03-2017 16:18 yomimono ...moving on then ;)

15-03-2017 16:18 yomimono we've gotten a lot of GSoC interest on the mailing list lately

15-03-2017 16:19 yomimono I'd appreciate a bit of attention to the items at (source at

15-03-2017 16:19 yomimono particularly if you have smaller wishlist stuff

15-03-2017 16:19 yomimono or if you have grand plans for which you require assistance!

15-03-2017 16:20 amirmc Also if you can no longer act as mentor right now. We should try to keep that list fresh for folks who are browsing for projects :)

15-03-2017 16:21 Drup I should really freshen up the stuff I wanted to post on functoria

15-03-2017 16:21 amirmc Drup Yes, please!

15-03-2017 16:23 amirmc Druo: D'you have anything written up anywhere public? I don't see any functoria items in the current list.

15-03-2017 16:24 Drup There is an thread on the mailing list

15-03-2017 16:24 Drup Where I detail things a bit. It seemed like anil wanted to rework things a bit. The process to add projects was not extremly clear, and I got busy with other things

15-03-2017 16:26 yomimono the canopy maintenance mentioned last meeting is still an issue, as far as I know

15-03-2017 16:27 yomimono I haven't had time to invest in that bit of infrastructure this week and don't think I will in the next few :(

15-03-2017 16:28 Drup amirmc: the name of the thread is "Pioneer project propositions"

15-03-2017 16:28 amirmc As a side-note, I'm curious about adding a project to re-do how we manage such projects. Basically, each project would be a GitHub Issue (tagged appropriately) and we'd generate a page based on those issues. It'd need tooling but would be more generally useful. Old issue is at:

15-03-2017 16:29 amirmc Drup: That'd be this thread then (for the sake of the IRC logs).

15-03-2017 16:31 dudelson From a GSoC applicant's perspective, I think using github issues would be very convenient

15-03-2017 16:31 dudelson that way we could have a thread where we could ask for clarification on the projects, etc.

15-03-2017 16:31 amirmc Indeed. You get a number of benefits, including a (kind of) ready-made mailing list

15-03-2017 16:32 amirmc It's also a lot clearer what progress has been made on a given project and if anyone is already working on it (e.g. via assigning it)

15-03-2017 16:32 Drup Yeah, I think it would be better to just list all the issues that are tagged "junior job" or something like that

15-03-2017 16:32 dudelson also being able to cross-reference other tickets nicely

15-03-2017 16:33 amirmc I dislike the term 'junior' but in principle, yes it would make things a lot easier.

15-03-2017 16:33 amirmc It's a project itself to build the tooling though. We still need an aggregate view for applicants to look through.

15-03-2017 16:34 amirmc Those issues would be across multiple repos too.

15-03-2017 16:34 amirmc Any takers? ;)

15-03-2017 16:35 yomimono rudenoise's dashboard would be a reasonable starting point for that project

15-03-2017 16:35 dudelson Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that tooling would also enable you to generate a page of "mirage starters", right?

15-03-2017 16:35 dudelson Since I'm new to the project I wanted an easy ticket so I could get familiar with the codebase

15-03-2017 16:35 amirmc dudelson: What does 'mirage starters' mean?

15-03-2017 16:36 amirmc dudelson: Oh, I see what you mean

15-03-2017 16:37 yomimono dudelson: that would be part of the goal, yeah

15-03-2017 16:38 amirmc My guess is that 'getting familiar' might itself be repo-dependent. :)

15-03-2017 16:40 amirmc Anyway, I'm happy to help anyone who' like to tackle a project to redo how we manage the pioneer projects. It'd likely involve using the github libs (and that's assuming those libs and the API provide enough of what we need).

15-03-2017 16:41 yomimono that's great amirmc :) we should make an addition to canopy-data for that!

15-03-2017 16:41 amirmc I'll write something up and add it later today.

15-03-2017 16:42 yomimono awesome! thank you!

15-03-2017 16:42 yomimono if there are no more words on that...

15-03-2017 16:43 yomimono ...last item is "MeetBot, can someone set this up?" which would require me to say "any last words" less frequently

15-03-2017 16:43 yomimono there has been a TODO for this on the call agenda wiki for quite some time.

15-03-2017 16:44 yomimono info on MeetBot is linked there to .

15-03-2017 16:44 amirmc And an example of the output it can generate is at

15-03-2017 16:46 amirmc It needs someone to set it up so we can start using it. I notice that our own camelbot isn't pushing logs anymore so we're directing people to logs that someone just happens to be keeping :)

15-03-2017 16:46 yomimono yes, the log situation has gotten even more dire recently; previously we had the raw meeting logs and now the best I can link to is the entire day's traffic :(

15-03-2017 16:46 yomimono gjaldon's summary of the last-but-one meeting was great but requires some manual labor and doesn't seem too sustainable

15-03-2017 16:47 yomimono I can't commit to having it ready for the next meeting in two weeks, but I can at least give it a shot since it seems there's no extremely-keen volunteer

15-03-2017 16:47 yomimono best-effort bot delivery, I guess.

15-03-2017 16:48 hannes morning

15-03-2017 16:48 hannes (sorry, was in a meeting till now)

15-03-2017 16:48 yomimono o hai!

15-03-2017 16:48 amirmc Thanks yomimono :)

15-03-2017 16:48 yomimono we were just moving on to the final item: GSoC/Outreachy candidates

15-03-2017 16:48 hannes [the mail was already sent, the dates are there: 29th nov - 6th dec]

15-03-2017 16:49 yomimono aha, thanks!

15-03-2017 16:49 amirmc That final item was me just checking that the candidates had received responses, to see where things stood, and also figure out how many we have interested.

15-03-2017 16:50 yomimono I've counted 3 interested GSoC students from the mailing list so far. I haven't heard from anyone directly about this Outreachy round yet.

15-03-2017 16:51 yomimono FWIW if anyone has questions about either program, lars_kurth and I are co-administrators. If you see anyone who's asked a question that's gone unanswered, feel free to nudge or cc me.

15-03-2017 16:52 yomimono If you have questions that you'd like to ask more privately, please also feel free to contact me - I was also an Outreachy participant with Mirage/Xen in 2014.

15-03-2017 16:52 yomimono (I can't speak for the GSoC student experience directly, unfortunately.)

15-03-2017 16:53 amirmc I guess that was the last item then?

15-03-2017 16:53 yomimono refreshes wiki page

15-03-2017 16:53 yomimono so it would appear! any other business?

15-03-2017 16:54 yomimono HEARING NONE

15-03-2017 16:54 yomimono pounds gavel

15-03-2017 16:55 hannes just has to thank everyone participating the retreat.

15-03-2017 16:56 hannes (was overwhelmed to see so many nice people working on various topics, and opening so many PRs)

15-03-2017 16:56 amirmc thanks hannes/hana for setting it all up

15-03-2017 16:57 yomimono +100