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Published: 2017-04-24 (last updated: 2017-04-24)

15:01 yomimono hi folks! It's been 2 weeks (a fortnight!) since our last catchup, so let's have another one :) 15:01 amirmc waves> 15:01yomimonothe agenda is at ; please feel free to add items there! 15:02yomimono(there's only one right now and it looks lonely) 15:02lobohi 15:02avsmonly one you say 15:02yomimonooh, there are more, yay! 15:02amirmctwo. avsm added one about docs 15:02avsmonly two you say! 15:02yomimonothat's what I get for not refreshing the page every second 15:03yomimonoso first item: folks may have noticed that the irc logs from the last several meetings aren't on , and that updates to aren't being reflected 15:03yomimonowe had a discussion on the mailing list about how to fix this but it isn't fixed :( 15:04yomimonoand we're pointing folks to the out-of-date pioneer projects page there from , which is a pretty hostile thing to do 15:04avsmso I think we need to rebuild all those machines 15:04avsmthe current setup is really manual 15:05avsmIf you can bear with me till next end of next week, I am hopeful of bringing new machines up on Rackspace for this 15:05avsmIt won't get done by Friday though... 15:06avsmIt would be lovely to be able to mirror on GitHub wiki, but that's also quite tricky due to different formats :( 15:06amirmcI think we've had at least one potential Outreachy student ask on the mailing list so there's a short term problem with where to point them. 15:06matoWhat exactly is the problem? Does it really require new machines, or can we solve it with some simple scripting? 15:06yomimonoCan we even update the page on Canopy to point out that it's no longer authoritative? 15:06yomimonoOr is it so broken that we can't do that? 15:06avsm` mato: the current machine is some ancient vm 15:07 avsm yomimono: it's pretty broken, my key doesnt work :) 15:07 yomimono Aha. 15:07 avsm we could point them directly at canopy-data 15:07 avsm which is less pretty, but does contain the relevant files 15:08 yomimono So the set of work to do is actually, build and run a new VM to serve canopy-data 15:08 mato_ Does canopy not run as a unikernel? 15:08 yomimono not fix the existing VM, which unless engil has a key is impossible 15:08 hannes mato: it does for me. 15:08 yomimono mato: my thought exactly, I would think we could fix this that way 15:09 `matoprecisely, there are several of us here that have capacity to deploy unikernels 15:09hannesI can also host more Canopy unikernels (have a machine, IP, and bandwidth) 15:09mato^^^^ 15:09avsmthe one deployed on canopy.mirage was a unix-www when done 15:09avsmi think there was some problem with irmin/sha on xen, so it wasnt 15:09yomimonoavsm: yes, that was before people put in a lot of work to get it running on xen I think :) 15:09avsmif someone else wants to that would be great 15:10matoso, someone just needs to get the data out of it and into a unikernel version, right? 15:10avsmYes indeed, that's how old the existing machine is :-) 15:10amirmcDeploying another unikernel elsewhere and updating the DNS might be a solution. 15:10avsmmato_: all the data is on mirage/canopy-data 15:10avsmjust needs someone to deploy it elsewhere and i can swap the dns 15:10yomimonodo we have a volunteer for that? hannes or mato maybe? most whale people are up against deadlines this week 15:10avsmand update the webhook secret 15:10matoi know nothing about canopy, but can give it a shot 15:11hannesbut there are some ceveats... the whole DNS setup seems to be a single point of failure... I'm still slightly annoyed that is a A record and fails certificate validation, instead of doing a CNAME record 15:11amirmcIs that a separate issue? 15:12avsmwell it's not a single point of failure -- it's just updated via gandi and/or easydns 15:12yomimonoamirmc: Yes. 15:12avsmi'd like to delegate those to a unikernel soon as well, but need some new machines provisioned first 15:13amirmcOk, then lets address them independently. (1) mato will try and deploy canopy elsewhere and avsm will update DNS (2) deal with the TLS issue. 15:13avsmi got working today (baremetal), and should have an open vlan on soon,thatissuitable 15:13hannes198.167.222.211 15:14hannesavsm: as offered several times, I do have IP, memory, and even yet another subnet... and can deploy unikernels 15:14avsmgo for it -- that's fine for canopy 15:14hannesthe above one would be working for your favourite canopy instance 15:14hannesavsm: even for NS 15:14avsmbut not for dns; that needs 2 separate nets for the dns authoritative. could use yours+cambridge for that 15:15hannesavsm: I do have 2 separate nets... 15:15avsmlet's solve canopy first... 15:15hannes194.150.168.144/28 is the other one 15:15avsmnice! 15:15hannesbut atm chasing a network packet bug... and travelling the next days 15:16avsmok, sounds like mato can deploy canopy then, and then will tackle dns after that works 15:17avsmhopefully that wasn't mato running away in fear :-) 15:18yomimonothis is a concrete task with a person assigned to it, so I'll call it good 15:18yomimonoavsm: you have the next item, ? 15:18amirmcAgreed :) 15:19avsmam just planning the next iteration of 15:19avsmit's perpetually a bit broken; e.g. 15:19avsmis failing due to one of the minor packages, websocket 15:19avsmso my plan is to break it up into smaller documentation chunks -- one for the mainstream mirage packages, and remove stuff like the webstack 15:20avsmand slowly re-add things 15:20avsminitially I just added lots of packages so we could get coverage of the odoc tool as it was being developed 15:20avsmbut do people generally prefer more packages with slower updates of the site as we fix breakage (which needs to happen anyway!) or fewer packages 15:21avsmnote that ocaml/opam-repository now has much better reverse depenedncy testing in the CI, so new packages tend not to break other existing packages as much as they used to 15:21hannessince it does cross-references, at least I'd prefer to have a very mirage-centered (as in: every package in there compiles and is useful for mirage) site 15:21yomimonothe site is most useful when it has all of the highly interconnected libraries in it 15:21yomimono(I think I just rephrased hannes) 15:22avsmyeah, in agreement. Most of the packages there fit that bill, and/or are tooling related (e.g. opam-lib) 15:22avsmany thoughts on notifications on build breakage? 15:22avsmi'm rebuilding it every day, but the emails just go straight to me 15:22hannesI don't see a reason to have opam-lib in there. there should maybe be a for that purpose!? 15:22Drupmight be useful to have one stable mirage-centric version, and one that contains basically the whole universe 15:22avsmwe don't have a choice if we want, e.g. topkg-care in there hannes 15:23Drup(it might be more of a task for the opam ci though ...) 15:23avsmDrup: i did build one that was the entire coinstallable universe 15:23avsmunfortunately it tripped up unexpectedly 15:23avsmwe dont check for the coinstallability of _depexts) 15:23Drupoh :/ 15:23avsmso the full universe cant have the OS deps satisfied. we need nixos :) 15:23avsmi hand edited it into submission, but need to exert some editorial influence and hand add libs i think 15:24avsmbut yes -- will eventually contain such a large hackage-style doc repository 15:24Drupalternatively, separate creation of cmis and documentation generation 15:25avsmyes! this is the sort of thing that needs build system changes -- jbuilder could do that in theory, but not in general for all build systems 15:25Drupthe ci creates cm(t)is, sends them to a documentation generator that doesn't need any of the runtime things 15:25avsmhm yeah, we could extract the cmti and generate the odig crc database independently indeed 15:25avsmthe opam ci is generating ~100GB of artefacts a day atm :) 15:25avsmok thanks -- I'll look into that. Good idea Drup! 15:26hannesavsm: I don't see a good reason to have topkg-care in there... as said, I'd prefer to have a containing all the libraries which can be used on top of mirageos unikernels, excluding the build supporting and release supporting libraries. 15:26Drup(since opam tracks installed files, it should be fairly easy to see what cm(t)is are produced, as long as opam-ci also tests instalation) 15:26avsmhannes: but then where do we go for the mirage tooling itself? 15:26avsmfor the docs 15:26hannesavsm: ? 15:26avsmsure, we could have a separate site 15:27avsmi'll look into making clusters 15:27avsmsubdirectories are probably easier given how odig works 15:27avsmthe issue then is cross-references wont work across those clusters 15:27talex5avsm: how about using less verbose logging in mirage-ci? 15:27talex5You can still configure opam to dump out the full logs on error. 15:27amirmcI'd like to understand why two docs site would be better than one. cc hannes 15:28avsmtalex5: purpose of the CI is to spot the errors, difficult without logging :) 15:28hannes` avsm: there are no references _to topkg-care from anywhere... and of course you'd have astring etc. installed multiple times 15:28 hannes amirmc: since I'm usually interested in what can I use on top of mirageos, rather than a fuzzy collection of libraries, some of which work on mirageos, other don't 15:29 avsm i guess. it's not very elegant to repeat the Astring docs in multiple places 15:29 hannes (as said, this is my opinion only, and I've to run now) 15:29 avsm but they could end up being different versions, so your point is very valid 15:29 avsm thanks -- i'll experiment and report back 15:29 Drup hannes: isn't all this solved if we get better authoring of documentation based on opam tags, and proper tagging of mirage libraries in opam ? 15:29 hannes avsm: then keep it to doc: "" ... 15:29 avsm yes I'll have a play to see if we can cluster the packages effectively with tags 15:29 avsm hannes: that's not cross referenced, which was the point of odoc 15:30 amirmc This seems like a UI or search problem to me 15:30 hannes avsm: I don't think we have a single authority for documentation of a single library 15:30 avsm i think we can find something that satisfies all of these constraints -- just needs improvements in the front end generator i expect, to customise larger clusters of libraries 15:30 avsm hannes: we do in that they have to be coinstallable with the mirage universe 15:31 avsm so (e.g.) cmdliner 1.0 wouldnt have been in for a while due to the conflicts 15:31 avsm therefore making mirage the authority for the versions in 15:32 avsm thanks, this is very helpful -- i'll have a play with it next week when I have a bit more time 15:33 Drup avsm: btw, about cmis, fabrice proposed to send me all the cmis of all the versions in opam repo, so ocamlpro seems to already have something in place for that 15:33 avsm opam-builder and opam-ci would both have that 15:33 avsm i could also add in a post-installation hook to record the cmi against its crc 15:33 Drup (that was in the context of dowsing, the type-directed search thing I started to work on) 15:34 avsm it would be amazing to have an error message directed search :) ("what version of the package do i need to make this damn thing compile") 15:34 avsm I think that's it for docs from me... 15:35 yomimono cool, want to tell us about the hackathon writeup blog post then? 15:35 yomimono I read it, nice memories :) 15:35 avsm -- thanks hannes gemmag for the bulk of it! 15:35 avsm ive added a few stragglers; will mail the list shortly with it 15:35 avsm will merge it tomorrow am 15:36 amirmc Side-question: Is the CI/CD pipeline all working again? It's been a while since I checked/asked. 15:36 avsm i think so -- updates are going through to the site... 15:36 avsm any reason to think it isnt? 15:36 avsm (I havent noticed missing updates, but of course they are difficult to spot cos they're missing) 15:36 yomimono 15:37 yomimono avsm: "things are uptodate on the deployment machine but not pushed to the repo -- sorting now" 15:37 yomimono are they sorted? 15:37 amirmc The scripts folder hasn't been updated in the repo so I think it's out of sync with whatever's on the deploy machine 15:37 avsm i think the difficulty is that for some reason, ocaml-ci-scripts contains mirage code 15:37 amirmc Yeah, what yomimono said :) 15:37 avsm and mort just ran away who wrote that... 15:38 avsm it's a bit of a mess, since we cant easily figure out who is using the scripts in ocaml-ci-scripts 15:38 yomimono ocaml-ci-scripts has a mirage script that really only makes sense for mirage-www 15:38 avsm or for other sites like mirage-www that are crunched up (i think decks used to use it) 15:38 avsm it would be very helpful if someone could deprecate the ocaml-ci-scripts one somehow 15:38 yomimono , it's annoying to use for other unikernels 15:39 avsm or better still, create a new one for mirage3 not in ocaml-ci-scripts 15:39 yomimono I would be fine with having mirage-www provide its own scripts 15:39 avsm yeah 15:39 yomimono it can source common stuff if that makes sense 15:39 avsm it does make sense... 15:39 yomimono and then merging the PR I link above 15:40 yomimono OK, that's movement forward: pull mirage-www's deployment scripts out of ocaml-ci-scripts as step 1 15:40 amirmc Can we note that on the issue? 15:40 yomimono avsm: can you surface the versions in use somewhere? 15:40 yomimono since they're not in the repo 15:40 avsm sure, lets coordinate offline on that 15:42 yomimono amirmc: added a comment, see whether you agree. 15:42 yomimono 15:42 yomimono all done? 15:42 yomimono avsm, you put up an agenda item for lwt 3.0.0 (and I see drup is also here who may have something to say about that) 15:43 avsm last thing I added was on some big PRs coming into opam-repository that'll affect the package universe. Lwt 3.0 changes the core libraries: -- and then I'm also adapting cstruct to make ppx/async/lwt all explicit separate packages, and then Cohttp in a similar style. So there'll be a lot of churn for these and revdeps to be added. So expect a month of packaging noise but hopefully not 15:43 avsm the end result is fewer depopts, and more explicit packages (install ppx_cstruct if you want cstruct+ppx, nice and obvious) 15:44 avsm e.g. hannes quite reasonably doesn't want a dependency on ppx for his libs, and it's a waste to pull that in as a hard dependency when he just uses the library. 15:46 yomimono the move to explicit packages will be great. :) 15:46 avsm yeah i'm hoping this will be uncontroversial 15:47 avsm but many, many Prs are being merged into opam-repository with constraint fixes, for Core, Lwt versions, so please let any of the maintainers know if you spot problems 15:47 avsm that's all from me :) 15:47 amirmc Side-question: When is opam 2.0 due to arrive? The beta was a while ago and I assumed it'd be out by now. I've not really kept up with discussions btw. 15:47 Drup lwt is not (yet) completely splitted 15:47 avsm amirmc: the beta is still being iterated on, so "this summer" is a rough estimate 15:48 Drup (like, I think ppx is not separated ?) 15:48 avsm especially opam build is being changed due to feedback 15:48 avsm Drup: yeah it would be great to separate that out 15:48 Drup avsm: you need to mention that to anton on the bug tracker 15:49 avsm Drup: I'm waiting for the current wave of splits to be solved first :-) 15:49 Drup issue is that it breaks everything each time 15:49 avsm that's true 15:49 Drup so it might be better if you really want it to yell now, before 3.0 is in opam repository 15:50 avsm commented, thanks! 15:51 Drup in general, the current way the split is done is .. hackish. Cf last week's discussion about jbuilder 15:53 yomimono that discussion seems concluded! 15:53 yomimono any other business? 15:54 avsm lots of hacking to do! quite fun using mirage3 at the moment :) 15:54 avsm thanks everyone! 15:54 yomimono indeed, thanks folks! :)