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Published: 2017-06-25 (last updated: 2017-06-25)

10-05-2017 15:00 avsm ello ello

10-05-2017 15:00 thomasga ola ola

10-05-2017 15:00 reynir hi

10-05-2017 15:01 yomimono hi!

10-05-2017 15:02 avsm Greetings! A quiet week this time I think as lots travelling -- glad you could join us from Austin, Mindy :-)

10-05-2017 15:02 avsm Agenda at

10-05-2017 15:02 avsm Who's here?

10-05-2017 15:02 yomimono points at self

10-05-2017 15:03 avsm jumps

10-05-2017 15:03 avsm We may be talking into the void this time around, so lets have a catchup for the benefit of the archives :-)

10-05-2017 15:03 Drup I'm half here, half writing

10-05-2017 15:03 dudelson hi everyone

10-05-2017 15:03 avsm Good effort Drup!

10-05-2017 15:04 talex5 .

10-05-2017 15:04 Drup (and looking for a postdoc too, but that's more of a background task, heh)

10-05-2017 15:04 avsm Alright, lets get started! I've been looking at ways to report on the myriad of repositories a bit more effectively

10-05-2017 15:04 amirmc o/

10-05-2017 15:05 avsm One thing that seems to be working for DataKit is a github query tool I wrote called Hesternus. It generates reports like:

10-05-2017 15:05 avsm I've been doing them weekly for DataKit/Irmin and the associated ecosystem of libraries (9P etc)

10-05-2017 15:05 avsm So if it's useful, I did a test run on Mirage and the resulting report looks manageable every two weeks

10-05-2017 15:06 thomasga I think that would be pretty great

10-05-2017 15:06 avsm any opinions for/against? I like having the dev reports in the repo

10-05-2017 15:06 thomasga the DataKit reports are very useful (at least to me :p)

10-05-2017 15:06 yomimono opinions for!

10-05-2017 15:06 amirmc +1

10-05-2017 15:06 avsm Great! I'm hoping they'll expand out in time -- e.g. this week we have exciting filesystem developments :-)

10-05-2017 15:06 yomimono :D

10-05-2017 15:06 avsm Ok, I'll plan on doing bi-weekly mirage ones, possibly out of sync with these calls

10-05-2017 15:06 thomasga I was thinking of maybe expending the scope of these to more storage-related bits of MirageOS (even if not used by Irmin/DataKit yet)

10-05-2017 15:06 avsm is another one

10-05-2017 15:07 amirmc Aggregating them into a stream of posts would also be useful. So they can be injected into the RSS feed. That can come later though. :)

10-05-2017 15:07 avsm thomasga: agreed -- it's too big to have the dev reports for mirage cover the 90+ repos, so a storage-focussed one in the datakit repo is convenient enough to follow

10-05-2017 15:07 avsm +1 amirmc

10-05-2017 15:07 avsm Alright; and also feel free to PR changes against historical reports -- they are code like any other in the git repo :-)

10-05-2017 15:07 yomimono bi-weekly mirage ones on the off-week for calls would be great; would give us something to seed call agenda too maybe

10-05-2017 15:07 yomimono (and remind that the call is the week following)

10-05-2017 15:08 avsm yomimono: +1 -- it might be slightly off (the monday instead of wednesday) due to calendaring, but i'll work it out and mail the list with details

10-05-2017 15:08 avsm and if you have anything you'd like included i miss, just email me or whatever in the first instance and i'll include

10-05-2017 15:08 yomimono avsm: awesome, thank you!

10-05-2017 15:09 avsm no problemo! is the raw repo tool for anything that wants to generate their own

10-05-2017 15:09 thomasga (that's a hard-to-say name, btw :p)

10-05-2017 15:09 avsm only if you're not a native latin speaker

10-05-2017 15:09 thomasga ha yes, sorry me

10-05-2017 15:09 yomimono (for name background, ctrl-f hesternus in )

10-05-2017 15:09 yomimono (TIL!)

10-05-2017 15:09 avsm it means yesterday in latin and is a sort of camel, im told :P

10-05-2017 15:10 thomasga (I only speak modern latin)

10-05-2017 15:10 avsm it's all greek to me

10-05-2017 15:10 avsm Alright! onto code, there has been a surge of porting libraries to jbuilder, and topkg integration has appeared

10-05-2017 15:10 amirmc It's the camel name because it's an extinct one…

10-05-2017 15:10 avsm has the link to topkg integration

10-05-2017 15:10 avsm now, there is something utterly amazing about jbuilder samoht and i discovered today

10-05-2017 15:10 avsm you can clone multiple repos into a subdirectory tree

10-05-2017 15:10 avsm type in "jbuilder build" at the toplevel, and it builds them all in one go

10-05-2017 15:11 avsm referring to opam-installed packages if it can't find them locally

10-05-2017 15:11 avsm so this is effectively an "automatic pin with incremental build"

10-05-2017 15:11 avsm it's amazing for day-to-day dev as there's no more need for opam update -u all the time

10-05-2017 15:11 avsm and builds seem to be 4-5x faster for larger source trees

10-05-2017 15:11 avsm so all in all, it's really making progress and showing concrete improvements

10-05-2017 15:11 yomimono that also goes pretty far toward addressing sgrove's problems with nondeterministic packaging, right?

10-05-2017 15:12 avsm yes, big time, since we can vendor all the source

10-05-2017 15:12 yomimono er, nondeterministic solutions for package installation

10-05-2017 15:12 avsm opam basically gets out of the way of day-to-day dev

10-05-2017 15:12 avsm but remains working entirely for end users and publishing

10-05-2017 15:12 thomasga I've been using the "build all the world" feature today to bisect a weird error in a dependency, that's pretty great

10-05-2017 15:12 avsm we still need to do some work on hannes' point about building more esoteric repositories (like ctypes or nocrypto), but this model supports those ones being installed by opam

10-05-2017 15:12 talex5 I used it today to test datakit while modifying the 9p library :-)

10-05-2017 15:13 thomasga also the topkg-builder integration works great

10-05-2017 15:13 thomasga

10-05-2017 15:13 avsm yay thomasga and talex5 -- i used it to build mirage-ci while modifying datakit :-)

10-05-2017 15:13 yomimono avsm: thanks for updating on that point, it would have been my next question

10-05-2017 15:13 thomasga watermarking + almost full release cycle almost on par

10-05-2017 15:13 yomimono this topkg integration looks cool though :)

10-05-2017 15:13 avsm so I think we can consider jbuilder a cautious green light to do more porting -- but if anyone has time to look at "complex" repositories that would be helpful

10-05-2017 15:13 thomasga the only missing bits is doc generation

10-05-2017 15:14 avsm right: docgen is on Jeremie's list

10-05-2017 15:14 thomasga and we need to check how this works for C stubs

10-05-2017 15:14 thomasga (with xen-specific flags)

10-05-2017 15:14 Drup I still kind of agree with bunzli, it's weird to use topkg like that, and the feature might be better of bundled inside jbuilder directly

10-05-2017 15:14 avsm yep -- so now is the time to try all of this while diml has time to make our requested changes

10-05-2017 15:14 thomasga e.g. there are still a few unknown to use it as the base for the mirage tool

10-05-2017 15:14 avsm Drup: that seems in scope as well; the bridge was very straightforward though

10-05-2017 15:15 thomasga I think the integration can go further

10-05-2017 15:15 thomasga but the current state is already great :-)

10-05-2017 15:15 avsm if anyone is in Cambridge on May 25th, we'er going to have an interactive jbuilder-a-thon, free lunch here:

10-05-2017 15:15 thomasga anyway, I really like working with jbuilder and topkg, I am not sure how I use to do anything before that :-)

10-05-2017 15:15 avsm yeah, it's making coding fun again :-P

10-05-2017 15:16 mato waves, belatedly

10-05-2017 15:16 avsm hi mato!

10-05-2017 15:16 thomasga (similar to the merlin gap)

10-05-2017 15:16 avsm Reminder: posting experiences about jbuilder and/or problems to is encouraged so we can keep track

10-05-2017 15:16 Drup moving the mirage-generated build system to jbuild would be an interesting exercise

10-05-2017 15:16 thomasga Drup: indeed

10-05-2017 15:16 mato the jbuilder functionality you described sounds awesome, is there a tl;dr howto on it somewhere?

10-05-2017 15:16 avsm Drup: yeah, and mirage could clone all the dependent code

10-05-2017 15:17 avsm mato: there is a manual and quickstart guide in

10-05-2017 15:17 avsm but even more easily just copy some jbuild files from existing repos

10-05-2017 15:17 avsm there is a list of some that have been ported in

10-05-2017 15:17 Drup (and it just might be abstract enough so that we could finally split the generic build part from the mirage part, and get all the ad-hoc stuff in functoria)

10-05-2017 15:17 apache2 is it possible to include Ctypes in a mirageos unikernel?

10-05-2017 15:17 mato avsm thanks

10-05-2017 15:17 Drup (but that's a side point)

10-05-2017 15:17 apache2 I get an error complaining about lack of the "Str" module

10-05-2017 15:17 avsm apache2: yes if you do stubgen, but it needs a bit of effort to cross compile

10-05-2017 15:18 apache2 ok

10-05-2017 15:18 Drup apache2: use re, get rid of str :p

10-05-2017 15:18 avsm hm, definietly shouldn't need Str. that's a very deprecated module

10-05-2017 15:18 Drup avsm: it's not deprecated, unfortunatly

10-05-2017 15:18 apache2 avsm: so it's easier if I extend the Cstruct stuff to allow me to leak the pointer to a cstruct buffer?

10-05-2017 15:19 avsm Drup: morally, if not officially :-)

10-05-2017 15:19 apache2 (all I need is to be able to allocate a page, write to it, and get the pointer to it

10-05-2017 15:19 avsm apache2: yeah for the moment

10-05-2017 15:19 avsm ctypes is missing some build glue to be totally automatic

10-05-2017 15:19 apache2 ok, thanks!

10-05-2017 15:19 thomasga would be great to have a ctype-jbuilder bridge btw :p

10-05-2017 15:19 avsm do file an issue on cstruct if you have any problems

10-05-2017 15:19 avsm thomasga: i think there is one...

10-05-2017 15:19 thomasga ha..

10-05-2017 15:20 apache2 avsm: thanks, I will try to have a go at it.

10-05-2017 15:20 avsm on the release front, cstruct, cohttp, github, will all have jbuilder releases with their opam packages split up into explicit ones

10-05-2017 15:20 avsm thanks to rgrinberg for vast amounts of work on this

10-05-2017 15:20 thomasga datakit had a release for jbuilder too, I am currently porting irmin

10-05-2017 15:20 Drup there should also be decent support for incremental jsoo compilation

10-05-2017 15:20 thomasga (next is ocaml-git)

10-05-2017 15:21 apache2 avsm: do you know if there's a reason the ppx doesn't expose a method to cast a cstruct.t to the record defined inside [%%cstruct ]? It does generate convenience functions for [%%cenm ] whic is super nice

10-05-2017 15:21 apache2 [%%cenum ] **

10-05-2017 15:21 avsm apache2: since there is no type definition generates for a cstruct.t

10-05-2017 15:21 avsm but there is one for cenum

10-05-2017 15:21 apache2 oh, never heard about jbuilder. is there a gap between jbuilder and topkg or are they equivalent?

10-05-2017 15:21 avsm the original cstruct was just meant to be a bunch of views over a Cstruct.t

10-05-2017 15:22 avsm apache2: jbuilder is a build tool -- it replaces ocamlbuild and oasis

10-05-2017 15:22 apache2 ah alright

10-05-2017 15:22 avsm topkg is a release management tool, so now there is a bridge between it and jbuilder

10-05-2017 15:22 apache2 I guess I use topkg with ocamlbuild

10-05-2017 15:22 avsm so e.g. is a large-scale use of both

10-05-2017 15:22 avsm that's right -- and that'll continue to work indefinitely too

10-05-2017 15:23 amirmc Are we getting off topic a little :)

10-05-2017 15:23 amirmc

10-05-2017 15:23 avsm jbuilder shines for large-scale development, but does no harm in the small

10-05-2017 15:23 amirmc Oops, I meant to link to

10-05-2017 15:23 avsm amirmc: we're on the jbuilder topic

10-05-2017 15:23 apache2 avsm: do I need to do anything magical to build cstruct for mirage, or can I just modify the default package?

10-05-2017 15:23 avsm just modify the package

10-05-2017 15:23 avsm it's used in all mirage libs

10-05-2017 15:24 avsm alright, anything else in jbuilder-land?

10-05-2017 15:24 Drup btw, something of interest

10-05-2017 15:24 avsm thanks for all the hard buildsystem porting work and for the issues and feedback to jeremie! can create issues on

10-05-2017 15:24 apache2 thank you for the help!

10-05-2017 15:25 avsm apache2: very welcome -- do ask anything more on devel list / issues / etc if you run into blockers

10-05-2017 15:26 avsm next topic; welcome David Udelson from GSoc! Working on Irmin HTTP REST API. Is David here?

10-05-2017 15:26 dudelson waves

10-05-2017 15:26 dudelson happy to be here!

10-05-2017 15:26 avsm welcome!

10-05-2017 15:26 amirmc Yay! Welcome!

10-05-2017 15:26 yomimono hooray! congratulations & welcome :)

10-05-2017 15:26 avsm if you hit rough waters once you see the Irmin signatures... well, thomasga is right there :-)

10-05-2017 15:27 thomasga Welcome David! :-)

10-05-2017 15:27 avsm (but seriously, they're much more accessible now with Irmin 1.0 :-)

10-05-2017 15:27 dudelson thanks everyone. I'm hoping to dive into the nitty-gritty of the irmin codebase next week

10-05-2017 15:27 dudelson this week is finals week unfortunately

10-05-2017 15:27 amirmc Good luck! :)

10-05-2017 15:27 Drup Do you have previous ocaml experience ?

10-05-2017 15:27 avsm erk, good luck!

10-05-2017 15:28 thomasga dudelson: I am moving files a bit in the Irmin repo (to use jbuilder) but should be finished before the end of the week

10-05-2017 15:28 dudelson Drup: just a little, I took my first functional programming course last semester

10-05-2017 15:28 dudelson so I have ocaml basics

10-05-2017 15:28 avsm great; feel free to post any queries to the list as well if you're stuck on other channels

10-05-2017 15:28 Drup Right, you'll have to get familiars with functors I guess :p

10-05-2017 15:29 dudelson thomasga: thanks for the heads up, I'll keep that in mind

10-05-2017 15:29 thomasga if you have any questions related to ocaml #ocaml is a good place to ask :-)

10-05-2017 15:29 amirmc dudelson: I just found my way to :)

10-05-2017 15:29 yomimono yes, seconding #ocaml - very friendly there and lots of knowledgeable folks

10-05-2017 15:29 thomasga (I need to run — I'll catch up the minutes later)

10-05-2017 15:29 yomimono later thomasga!

10-05-2017 15:30 dudelson functors and GADTs are giving me a bit of a hard time right now

10-05-2017 15:30 dudelson again, hopefully next week I will be able to dig into those

10-05-2017 15:30 yomimono it'll all still be there next week ;)

10-05-2017 15:30 avsm yeah, start with some really simple apps and work your way up

10-05-2017 15:30 avsm and you'll have Gobi ported to Irmin and Git in no time

10-05-2017 15:30 dudelson amirmc: hope you like it :) It's very much a work in progress but is a lot of fun to hack on

10-05-2017 15:31 avsm next topic: Solo5 multiarch status update. We have access to POWER hardware now thanks to IBM, which I need to configure as well, and am working on ARM64 right now (when not on this call)

10-05-2017 15:31 reynir Does irming use gadts?

10-05-2017 15:31 avsm mato! what's happening in the land of multiple architecture support in solo5? can we shed our chains of x86?

10-05-2017 15:31 reynir sorry irmin

10-05-2017 15:31 avsm reynir: sort of, the depyt library does (to do type descriptions)

10-05-2017 15:32 avsm various places elsewhere do as well

10-05-2017 15:32 reynir Interesting, thanks

10-05-2017 15:32 dudelson avsm: one last thing: I sent you, yomimono, and thomas a logistics email, but I didn't get any replies. Did you receive it?

10-05-2017 15:32 Drup depty is probably a bit violent as an introduction to GADTs

10-05-2017 15:32 avsm dudelson: oops, probably still in my backlog. will look after this call...

10-05-2017 15:32 mato avsm: I was waiting for an ack on the multiarch PR, got that from ricarkol today so will merge tomorrow.

10-05-2017 15:32 dudelson avsm: great, thank you!

10-05-2017 15:33 mato avsm: Then I need to work with the ARM folks to help them rebase (?) their work onto the new order of things.

10-05-2017 15:34 avsm mato: amazing! i am working on booting on ARM64 at the moment, so could try out early patches there

10-05-2017 15:34 mato avsm: I'm not sure what the best strategy is there -- they have a long lived branch off ancient master, but the new structure of things on the guest and host sides is entirely different.

10-05-2017 15:34 avsm the nice folks at have given us several 96 core arm64 boxes (!)

10-05-2017 15:34 avsm mato: is there a lot of variance between arm64 boards, or can we have a fairly unified codebase?

10-05-2017 15:34 mato avsm: There's also armyofdockerness at the lab to which mort has given me access, so I can test on that.

10-05-2017 15:34 avsm great. my main worry with arm64 is that we'll have lots of weird compile-time configuration flags for different hardware

10-05-2017 15:35 avsm and am hoping arm64 has made some of that complexity go away unlike arm32

10-05-2017 15:35 mato avsm: I have no idea, but it's a port to KVM on ARM64, so I don't expect much variance.

10-05-2017 15:35 mato avsm: but then everything about arm is weird that way, so i'm expecting to be surprised.

10-05-2017 15:35 avsm well, i'm hopeful we can hold the single-binary line for a while :-)

10-05-2017 15:36 avsm thanks for all the hard work on this; i'll run some aarch64 ocaml mirage bulk builds by end of week

10-05-2017 15:36 avsm I am working on building the base containers

10-05-2017 15:36 avsm for those with arm64, you can now do "docker run -it avsm/multiarch-experiment ocaml" and automatically obtain either an arm64 or x86_64 container depending on where you run it

10-05-2017 15:37 mato what are you using to push the muliarch manifests to the hub?

10-05-2017 15:37 avsm so no need for anything special on arm anymore -- i'm expanding that out so that we can CI automatically on arm64 and ppc64le as well

10-05-2017 15:37 avsm mato: a custom datakit-ci plugin that builds the multi arch containers and then pushes a unified manifest using the registry v2 spec

10-05-2017 15:37 avsm i'll have it published on github by end of week -- it needs some modifications to datakit-ci that i'm working with talex5 on

10-05-2017 15:38 avsm its also easy to add other arches, so i have ppc64le (from ibm), arm32 and then x86_32

10-05-2017 15:38 mato avsm: do you know of any self-contained tool to push multiarch images?

10-05-2017 15:38 avsm mato: yes

10-05-2017 15:38 mato thx.

10-05-2017 15:39 avsm just use the --from-args option and you dont even need an intermediate file; it's great

10-05-2017 15:39 mato ricarkol: hey. we were just discussing solo5, I got your OK on the multiarch PR, will merge later today/tomorrow AM.

10-05-2017 15:39 avsm any other questions about solo5 anyone?

10-05-2017 15:39 avsm (and hi ricarkol!)

10-05-2017 15:39 ricarkol Yes mato, all good from my side. Ah, and im working on the gdb PR.

10-05-2017 15:40 ricarkol Hi avsm

10-05-2017 15:40 mato awesome! getting a better gdb implementation will be great

10-05-2017 15:40 avsm that'll be useful indeed...

10-05-2017 15:40 mato (gdb server, that is)

10-05-2017 15:40 amirmc avsm: I have a side question about arm

10-05-2017 15:40 yomimono ricarkol mato: do the instructions for gdb on ukvm on the solo5 readme still work?

10-05-2017 15:40 yomimono (I can try them myself, just thought I'd ask while you're both here)

10-05-2017 15:41 ricarkol It needs some non-documented changes to the makefile,,

10-05-2017 15:41 mato yomimono: almost, but I'm not sure what the current hook to get ukvm built with the GDB module via mirage is

10-05-2017 15:42 yomimono ricarkol mato: is UKVM_MODULES no more?

10-05-2017 15:42 ricarkol Yes, just add the module

10-05-2017 15:43 yomimono thanks :)

10-05-2017 15:43 avsm and finally! OSCON is on! and amirmc and yomimono are speaking!

10-05-2017 15:43 avsm what's happening in Austin?

10-05-2017 15:44 yomimono furious computering in the speakers lounge

10-05-2017 15:44 mato yomimono: I'm not sure.... I changed a bunch of stuff in ukvm-configure on master, need to check.

10-05-2017 15:44 mato yomimono: however for the version in opam the instructions should work

10-05-2017 15:44 yomimono mato: great, thank you! :)

10-05-2017 15:44 avsm yomimono: dont forget to raid the sticker collection

10-05-2017 15:45 yomimono I'm going to try to squeeze it in to demo time, if time permits

10-05-2017 15:45 avsm good idea -- debugging is so much easier in ukvm than with xen backend

10-05-2017 15:45 avsm assuming gdb works, of course :-)

10-05-2017 15:45 amirmc yomimono and I met someone from Netflix who wrote something about dealing with multiple repos. I'm hoping to chat to her later on.

10-05-2017 15:45 avsm amirmc: ah yes, the interesting blog post -- most interesting.

10-05-2017 15:46 avsm my laptop battery is dying, so i need to gently fade into the dark offline night before i am abruptly terminated

10-05-2017 15:46 hannes I'd like to raise three more things (sorry if this is not a good time) -- what happened to the issue day? can someone tell what to do with ?

10-05-2017 15:46 mato yomimono: Uh... (just checked), actually those instructions are bogus. They were valid back when we put all of the generated build runes into the Makefile.

10-05-2017 15:46 mato yomimono: I.e. pre the reintroduction of "mirage build"

10-05-2017 15:46 avsm hannes: tis good time, meeting is done!

10-05-2017 15:46 hannes and, avsm, would you mind to enter the zone into so that we can run our own!?

10-05-2017 15:46 yomimono hannes: I got sick and then traveled and didn't do either of those things

10-05-2017 15:46 avsm i suspect tcpip pr is blocked until yomimono is done travelling

10-05-2017 15:47 yomimono or until someone writes some tests

10-05-2017 15:47 yomimono I'm not the only person who can do that

10-05-2017 15:47 yomimono :)

10-05-2017 15:47 avsm hannes: its in my infrastructure queue, been behind with some pressing ocaml rebuilds but will do so this week i hope

10-05-2017 15:47 avsm gandi was also being unhelpfully unresponsive when i tried

10-05-2017 15:48 avsm i must drop, thanks all!

10-05-2017 15:48 hannes avsm: never try to export your data out of comapnies storages ;)

10-05-2017 15:48 hannes so, the tcp/ip thing will have to wait until this newly introduced feature gets tests before you're willing to fix any regression?

10-05-2017 15:48 mato yomimono: (I'm checking to see what the current magic to get GDB working with mirage on ukvm is)

10-05-2017 15:49 amirmc I have head off. Just FYI, yomimono and I will be talking about and showing demos of MirageOS 3 later today. (

10-05-2017 15:49 yomimono hannes: I'm not convinced that your fix is correct which is why I insist on tests

10-05-2017 15:50 yomimono if you want to PR reversion of the feature set and change the opam depends and release a 3.1.1 that's fine with me

10-05-2017 15:50 yomimono it's not a full reversion, we don't have a full test case to test it against, and it's clear that we don't understand what the code is doing in the fuller context

10-05-2017 15:50 hannes yomimono: well, I'm sure it breaks something with jumbo frames, but I just don't know how to test these... and no, sorry.

10-05-2017 15:51 hannes nvm then

10-05-2017 15:52 yomimono we have several maintainers and core team members for this project and there's no good reason this should be blocked on me

10-05-2017 15:52 yomimono if you aren't satisfied with my level of service I might suggest that you bring this problem to djs55, the author of the original patchset, and a participant in the thread

10-05-2017 15:53 hannes yomimono: thanks for taking care of this issue!

10-05-2017 15:54 yomimono hannes: thanks for bringing it up, it is definitely something we need to fix and it shows that we need to do better about testing before merge, not after

10-05-2017 15:55 mato yomimono: So... unfortunately the GDB instructions will not work for Mirage. This is because in the lead up to Mirage 3, we changed to not generating a Makefile and calling out to the Mirage tool itself.

10-05-2017 15:55 mato yomimono: And in the process of that I forgot about the UKVM_MODULES thing.

10-05-2017 15:56 yomimono mato: aw, OK. thanks for looking into it.

10-05-2017 15:57 mato yomimono: there is a workaround, but it's not really suited to a demo...

10-05-2017 15:57 yomimono it already looked a bit fiddly :(

10-05-2017 15:57 yomimono so I'll plan to mention that it's possible but not include it, I think

10-05-2017 15:58 mato yomimono: Yeah, I'm not sure what a good fix would be, in any case would involve some changes in the mirage tool, so not something we can do right now. will think about it.

10-05-2017 15:58 yomimono mato: thank you :)

10-05-2017 15:58 yomimono I need to run as well, talk starting very shortly

10-05-2017 15:58 yomimono (someone else's thankfully!)

10-05-2017 15:59 ansiwen seliopou: around?