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Published: 2016-09-07 (last updated: 2016-09-07)

07-09-2016 12:59 reynir :o

07-09-2016 15:00 avsm Hallo! Is our friendly git bot logging? taptaptaptap

07-09-2016 15:01 GemmaG Hi :)

07-09-2016 15:01 mort___ avsm: it's said it is

07-09-2016 15:01 engil it is

07-09-2016 15:01 engil well, it should be

07-09-2016 15:01 avsm superb, lets get started. Who is around?

07-09-2016 15:01 mato waves

07-09-2016 15:01 avsm hi djwillia

07-09-2016 15:01 djwillia hi avsm!

07-09-2016 15:01 yomimono hi folks!

07-09-2016 15:01 mort___ .

07-09-2016 15:02 djwillia hi!

07-09-2016 15:02 talex5 hi

07-09-2016 15:02 Drup plop.

07-09-2016 15:02 yomimono ew.

07-09-2016 15:02 avsm Call agenda is up

07-09-2016 15:02 avsm Lets start with Mirage 3.0

07-09-2016 15:03 avsm We're aiming for a late September release, and the main list of items remaining are at

07-09-2016 15:03 yomimono fair warning: some of those things are likely to come off the list rather than be included in 3.0

07-09-2016 15:03 yomimono for example, deprecating io-page

07-09-2016 15:03 avsm Yes, that seems to be something that doesnt affect core interfaces, just the libraries

07-09-2016 15:04 avsm The big ticket item is -- version constraints in libraries

07-09-2016 15:04 yomimono nods

07-09-2016 15:04 avsm we'll definitely need this moving forward -- is anyone available to work on this one? Samoht is sadly on vacation in exotic climes

07-09-2016 15:05 avsm I was interested in looking into opam file generation -- I guess this is part of that

07-09-2016 15:05 yomimono i've intended to work on it repeatedly but it's time for me to face that I don't have time for it myself

07-09-2016 15:05 avsm That's fair -- its a big release this time! I'll put it on my list by default unless someone else steps up

07-09-2016 15:05 avsm Does anyone have any objections to generating an opam file per unikernel?

07-09-2016 15:06 avsm This way you could pin a project and all the other nice opam things

07-09-2016 15:06 yomimono no objections, but I seem to recall some doubts about whether that would work in earlier discussion

07-09-2016 15:06 mort___ no — this would be part of the configure step presumably?

07-09-2016 15:06 yomimono I would love to have it though

07-09-2016 15:06 mato What would "installing" the generated package do?

07-09-2016 15:06 avsm mort___: yes part of configure

07-09-2016 15:06 mort___ does opam / will opam2 have some way to consume an opam file and generate a switch thereby?

07-09-2016 15:06 hannes avsm: a highly customized opam for the concrete configuration? or a general one with lots of disjunctions?

07-09-2016 15:06 avsm mato: no installation phase, it would just be for the purpose of assembling dependencies and building

07-09-2016 15:06 Drup I'm not convinced it's the right way to solve the problem, but I don't have any great idea either

07-09-2016 15:06 mort___ (not a requirement but might be nice in this case)

07-09-2016 15:07 avsm hannes: good question; i'd prefer a highly customised one because we know at mirage configure time which concrete backend is being built for

07-09-2016 15:07 avsm Drup: I was also in two minds about it, but the way I'm using unikernels is quite compatible with a package per application...

07-09-2016 15:08 Drup avsm: generating an opam file doesn't solve the pinning aspect of the question

07-09-2016 15:08 avsm mort___: there is support for 'local switches' in opam2 which will work like npm/node by grabbing opam state from the local directory

07-09-2016 15:08 avsm Drup: no but once you have an opam file you can generate a remote fairly easily that contains overrides

07-09-2016 15:08 mort___ cool. then an opam file seems a reasonable way to go, particularly if mirage configure could default to not overwriting an existing one when run

07-09-2016 15:09 Drup avsm: I'm not sure I see how that would work

07-09-2016 15:09 avsm Drup: generate a packages/ directory with the various development versions of packages. We have some shell scripts to do this, but something with opam-lib would be better...

07-09-2016 15:09 avsm mort___: do not delete all your files. check.

07-09-2016 15:09 hannes avsm: clearly the opam file name will then be unikernel_name-configN-backendY!?

07-09-2016 15:10 hannes (and I fail to see how generating an opam file will solve 499)

07-09-2016 15:10 avsm hannes: yes, we could generate or similar

07-09-2016 15:10 mort___ avsm: not quite :) specifically— and the Makefile can be obliterated every time (has anyone ever edited them?) but one might imagine that the opam file will get edited to specify constraints and obliterating it would be unhelpful

07-09-2016 15:10 yomimono I agree that it should be differentiated by backend to avoid making the "building a unikernel for multiple backends from the same directory" problem any worse

07-09-2016 15:10 avsm it doesnt solve it, but it gives us a vehicle to output the constraints

07-09-2016 15:10 Drup but we can already output the constraints

07-09-2016 15:10 avsm running opam install with a ton of constraints on the CLI is not pretty...

07-09-2016 15:10 Drup we don't need an opam file for that

07-09-2016 15:11 yomimono mort___: a human has definitely ever edited a we also have obnoxious overwriting behavior for config in the xen case

07-09-2016 15:11 Drup ah, ok, I'm not sure why it's not pretty (the user doesn't input the constraint himself) but ok

07-09-2016 15:11 avsm no but an opam file is not side effecting -- I would prefer if all the CLI operations were saved as late as possible, rather than running opam install at configure time

07-09-2016 15:11 yomimono +1

07-09-2016 15:11 avsm makes scripting and CI significantly easier

07-09-2016 15:12 mort___ yomimono: oh right. in that case it would be nice if the default behaviour of mirage configure would detect that and not do the obnoxious thing. or is it just easier to keep it the case that mirage configure obliterates everything en masse?

07-09-2016 15:12 Drup right, so the real goal is to be able to separate the opam part from the mirage config part

07-09-2016 15:12 Drup then I agree it's a good solution

07-09-2016 15:12 hannes I'd appreciate to have --no-opam as default in mirage-3

07-09-2016 15:12 yomimono mort___: I think we're derailing a bit here, we should probably take it to an issue or something

07-09-2016 15:12 avsm yeah, mirage configure running opam is pretty obnoxious, but more so when it's resetting a bunch of constraints and probably recompiling things

07-09-2016 15:12 avsm yeah, sounds like we have consensus here, lets take it to

07-09-2016 15:12 mato avsm: Couldn't the opam install be done as part of "make depend" ?

07-09-2016 15:13 Drup (this should be done in functoria, clearly)

07-09-2016 15:13 hannes (just look at travis for mirage-skeleton, and you'll see loads of useless recompilations happening)

07-09-2016 15:13 avsm mato: yes it could

07-09-2016 15:13 avsm Back to and the broader list

07-09-2016 15:13 avsm anyone any questions on a specific issue there

07-09-2016 15:13 yomimono curious to hear about pp_error and result types

07-09-2016 15:14 Drup avsm: before we wrap up: this should be a new ticket. 499 is only loosely related

07-09-2016 15:14 avsm Drup: true... we can add the constraints and then opam generation

07-09-2016 15:15 avsm Moving the C libraries out of mirage-platform would help quite a bit

07-09-2016 15:16 yomimono #568 (aka "prediquery") is merged, fwiw

07-09-2016 15:16 mato I was just looking at that issue (mirage/mirage-platform#124)

07-09-2016 15:16 avsm any thoughts as relates to solo5's platform needs?

07-09-2016 15:17 mato The biggest problem I see there is it's unclear if that can be done without teaching all the packages the C stubs would be moved into about the different backends

07-09-2016 15:17 avsm yeah, the cross compilation debate again :(

07-09-2016 15:17 mato yes :(

07-09-2016 15:18 avsm i think it's best to revisit it that one separately on the ticket or in a small group, it's too involved to go into again

07-09-2016 15:18 mato Stepping back from it, what do we expect to gain from moving the C stubs out of the platform package(s)?

07-09-2016 15:18 avsm lack of repetition -- they frequently get out of sync

07-09-2016 15:18 avsm upon the dependent package being updated

07-09-2016 15:19 avsm but we can survive in the current state if things dont change too fast, and it's a strong encouragement to not depend on C stubs :-)

07-09-2016 15:19 mato Yeah. I can see pros and cons for both approaches.

07-09-2016 15:20 avsm Ok, lets take this one into the issue

07-09-2016 15:20 mato Ack

07-09-2016 15:20 avsm TROVE: Lars pinged me for updated stats

07-09-2016 15:21 avsm would everyone be able to glance at mirage/mirage-www and push any new libraries of theirs to TROVE? I'll do a pass later this week as well

07-09-2016 15:21 yomimono solo5 is a particularly glaring omission

07-09-2016 15:21 avsm hah!

07-09-2016 15:21 mato what's TROVE? :)

07-09-2016 15:21 yomimono in the mirage/mirage-www repository there is a file called TROVE

07-09-2016 15:21 avsm

07-09-2016 15:21 avsm A forest of all the Git repos we use

07-09-2016 15:22 hannes (in the past, there were multiple breakages due to adjusting cstruct C stubs, but not platform ones, I suspect this will repeat and we should solve this issue, although it is painful)

07-09-2016 15:22 avsm and there's a tool in xenproject that clones it and generates feel-good graphs

07-09-2016 15:22 djwillia yeah all of the solo5 ones need to be added

07-09-2016 15:22 Drup avsm: oh, can I see the graphs ? :D

07-09-2016 15:22 mato ok, i'll do that...

07-09-2016 15:23 djwillia cool thanks mato

07-09-2016 15:23 avsm Drup: sure, will mail mirageos-devel when Lars generates them

07-09-2016 15:23 avsm samoht also has something fancy based on vossibility when he's back

07-09-2016 15:23 avsm i tried to deploy it but got banned from GitHub API due to the number of repos :P

07-09-2016 15:24 avsm darn rate limits

07-09-2016 15:24 avsm Runtime information passing

07-09-2016 15:24 Drup nice. pretty graphs are cool.

07-09-2016 15:24 avsm Magnus asked about this earlier -- do we have an issue for this yomimono ?

07-09-2016 15:24 hannes well, there are more libraries in dashboard somewhere

07-09-2016 15:24 yomimono avsm: sorry, "this" is what specifically?

07-09-2016 15:24 avsm There generally seem to be requests for various things to pass CLI options around to the mirage tool

07-09-2016 15:25 avsm "runtime information passing"

07-09-2016 15:25 avsm I believe it refers to the Env module

07-09-2016 15:25 avsm but I'm not sure who added this to the agenda :)

07-09-2016 15:25 yomimono it was me, suggesting that some folks continue a private conversation about bootvars, argv, and env in a place where there might be more opinions

07-09-2016 15:25 mato yomimono did based on our Slack discussion this afternoon

07-09-2016 15:26 Drup What does it mean exactly ?

07-09-2016 15:27 yomimono for a little background, but perhaps mato can provide a bit more detail

07-09-2016 15:27 yomimono we now have duplicated code for bootvar parsing; perhaps passing runtime information could be done more intelligently and in a more structured manner for many unikernel backends

07-09-2016 15:27 yomimono that may or may not be an accurate summary

07-09-2016 15:28 mato more or less. Even if we don't pass runtime information in a more structured way, there's still the question of "who does the parsing" (as in what library / package)

07-09-2016 15:29 hannes (well, the overall question is rather: how do I write a backend-agnostic mirageos unikernel which should receive runtime information)

07-09-2016 15:30 mato Yes. The current interface to "runtime information" from the Mirage point of view is "an argv-style array of strings"

07-09-2016 15:30 mato Which then gets parsed by Functoria (using cmdliner?)

07-09-2016 15:31 Drup One of the issue is that the whole key thing is based on cmdliner, and cmdliner really want an argv-style string array

07-09-2016 15:32 mato Right. Except that on the Xen/Solo5 side, a bunch of back and forth is happening, since both of these targets pass the "command line" as a simple string.

07-09-2016 15:32 avsm so the issue is string vs string list?

07-09-2016 15:32 mato So, the bootvar code for both has to reparse that string, then pass it to Functoria, which parses it with cmdliner.

07-09-2016 15:33 avsm ah so bootvar splits it up by spaces to get the string list

07-09-2016 15:33 avsm but has to deal with quoting issues, presumably

07-09-2016 15:33 mato Yeah

07-09-2016 15:34 avsm It's hard to get away from the string list, it's the standard way args are passed

07-09-2016 15:34 avsm I'd suggest fixing solo5 :)

07-09-2016 15:34 mato It's not a Solo5 problem

07-09-2016 15:34 yomimono also cmdliner doesn't like it when you try to pass stuff it doesn't know about, but we don't always have control over the incoming string (e.g. an extra passed by EC2)

07-09-2016 15:34 mato Xen does the same thing (pass a string)

07-09-2016 15:34 yomimono so there's potentially more extra stuff needed to shim some runtime problems

07-09-2016 15:34 avsm Xen can be made to pass a string list though

07-09-2016 15:34 avsm we control both sides

07-09-2016 15:35 yomimono avsm: ? not always, unless I misunderstand what the sides are

07-09-2016 15:35 Drup yomimono: dbunzli is not very favorable to an "any" combinator that would just be a huge catchall for all the things not recognized by the rest

07-09-2016 15:35 avsm for the Env parsing on Xen we use a xenstore subtree to pass the args, if i remember right

07-09-2016 15:35 avsm that's written by our tools, or is it written by xl ?

07-09-2016 15:35 yomimono it's written by whoever invokes the code to start the VM, which isn't always the user

07-09-2016 15:35 yomimono it might be amazon

07-09-2016 15:36 avsm ah no, it comes in as cmdline

07-09-2016 15:36 avsm ho hum...

07-09-2016 15:36 avsm guess we need a string -> string list parser :)

07-09-2016 15:36 mato which is currently hiding in in bootvar-xen (and duplicated in solo5)

07-09-2016 15:36 avsm right, so that can be pulled out into a library

07-09-2016 15:37 Drup last time I remember, parse_argv's implementation was not very reliable

07-09-2016 15:37 avsm it's been improved by jonludlam, but needs some more u se

07-09-2016 15:37 avsm lets move on... doesnt sound like anything particularly controversial here. Just need to make sure we track it

07-09-2016 15:37 yomimono

07-09-2016 15:38 avsm anything else burning about argv? sounds like string should be the input, and we need to have a reliable converter to string list

07-09-2016 15:38 avsm Ok, is everyone sitting down? CI is now available and being rolled out step by step! (temporary URL) !!!

07-09-2016 15:38 Drup yomimono's point still stand. qubes treats the cmdliner as an env, so it adds lot's of stuff

07-09-2016 15:38 mato IMO parsing a string into string list will never be terribly reliable due to quoting issues (also thinking about passing in quotes on the whatever-launches-the-vm side)

07-09-2016 15:38 Drup we treat it as a command line, hence refuse things that we don't know about

07-09-2016 15:39 avsm dont all hit it at once, the web interface is painfully slow and ugly, but is at least relatively easy to fix

07-09-2016 15:39 avsm thing is, we cant fix it the other way since kernel launchers give us cmdline as a baked in interface

07-09-2016 15:39 avsm so we have to fix it, lets just do it

07-09-2016 15:39 Drup avsm: I'm just not sure how :)

07-09-2016 15:39 avsm painful parsing, very painful parsing :-)

07-09-2016 15:40 Drup avsm: no, that's another issue

07-09-2016 15:40 avsm oh you mean extending the env

07-09-2016 15:40 Drup Well, we'll discuss it when yomimono makes the PR for qubes's argv

07-09-2016 15:41 avsm Yeah

07-09-2016 15:41 yomimono it's probably going to be a PR for argv_xen more generally

07-09-2016 15:41 yomimono the problem is bigger than qubes; we'll see it anywhere we don't control the full cmdline input

07-09-2016 15:41 yomimono see issues for booting on ec2

07-09-2016 15:41 Drup exactly

07-09-2016 15:41 avsm it would be easier with a registry-style model somewhat

07-09-2016 15:41 avsm but not for mirage3

07-09-2016 15:42 mato One option would be to switch to a different "channel" than the "kernel cmdline". Like the pass-data-in-multiboot-module trick I did for rumprun.

07-09-2016 15:42 avsm yeah mato -- only thing is that cloud providers make setting the PV cmdline easy

07-09-2016 15:42 Drup mirage="...." ?

07-09-2016 15:42 avsm however if more people are doing HVM boot then this can happen in grub and could do multiboot module

07-09-2016 15:43 avsm and ec2 certainly does pvgrub, not direct pv

07-09-2016 15:43 avsm Lets move on, 15 minutes left

07-09-2016 15:43 avsm Quickly covering CI

07-09-2016 15:43 avsm CI is now available and being rolled out step by step! (temporary URL) !!!

07-09-2016 15:44 avsm It tests multiple distros (Alpine, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE), multiple compiler versions (4.02.3,4.03.0,4.03.0+flambda,4.04.0) and reverse dependencies. I'm adding multiple remote support (so we can add mirage/mirage-dev).

07-09-2016 15:44 avsm See e.g.

07-09-2016 15:44 avsm A nice feature is that all the logs are stored in git (temporarily at so it's quite easy to clone a particular log run. Also, all of the git remotes (including opam-repository) are tracked exactly, so it rebuilds reliably if any of the dependent repositories are pushed to.

07-09-2016 15:45 avsm This should satisfy mato's CI requests quite soon with multi-remote tracking, and then I'll roll it out to mirage/cohttp and mirage/tcpip

07-09-2016 15:45 avsm and to more repos as it gets more stable

07-09-2016 15:45 talex5 Why do some of them say "(Allowed failure)"?

07-09-2016 15:45 avsm because revdeps hardly ever succeed and i didnt want it to fail the overall test

07-09-2016 15:46 avsm So in the above PR, the revdeps were: Ok (mirage-fs,mirage-seal,nbd) Err (imaplet-lwt,tftp)

07-09-2016 15:46 avsm that can be changed pretty easily

07-09-2016 15:46 mato how does it decide what to build? i.e. what is configured in the repo?

07-09-2016 15:46 talex5 I was looking at : it's OCaml 4.02.3 that failed there.

07-09-2016 15:46 avsm it does an opam pin and then installs mirage, and then revdeps

07-09-2016 15:47 avsm talex5: ah compiler variants other than 4.03.0 are allow_fail atm since 4.04 fails; I'll change that to make only development compilers allow_fail

07-09-2016 15:47 talex5 Ah!

07-09-2016 15:47 avsm If you go to you'll see all the statuses are synched

07-09-2016 15:48 avsm there are junk ones during development, Github doesnt let them be deleted so we are stuck with them on the existing PRs

07-09-2016 15:48 avsm So any feature requests for the CI, please add to

07-09-2016 15:49 avsm Ok! Solo5! mato djwillia ?

07-09-2016 15:49 mato virtio is getting better -- ricarkol did a bunch of work on that

07-09-2016 15:50 avsm nice. working with freebsd as well?

07-09-2016 15:50 mato CI, I've finally managed to get mirage-skeleton#mirage-dev fully building as of today

07-09-2016 15:50 mato (including in travis)

07-09-2016 15:50 hannes (I've to investigate virtio-net and FreeBSD using Solo5 if nobody else did so far)

07-09-2016 15:50 djwillia nice!

07-09-2016 15:51 avsm yay!

07-09-2016 15:51 yomimono :D

07-09-2016 15:51 mato hannes: please test against the latest master, which apparently also works on Google Compute Engine

07-09-2016 15:51 mato hannes: (as reported by ricardo)

07-09-2016 15:51 mato hannes: so there's a high(er) chance it'll be happy on bhyve now

07-09-2016 15:51 hannes yes

07-09-2016 15:51 hannes I've been busy travelling and drinking coffee

07-09-2016 15:52 avsm most important

07-09-2016 15:52 avsm looks like solo5 is on track!

07-09-2016 15:52 mato So, yeah, Solo5 is on track

07-09-2016 15:52 djwillia thanks to mato! great job mato!

07-09-2016 15:52 hannes same changes done by ricardo to net should be applied to the block as well, shouldn't they?

07-09-2016 15:52 avsm ok -- Pioneer projects!

07-09-2016 15:53 Drup I don't have much to add compared to my last email :p

07-09-2016 15:53 mato hannes: quite possibly. also, i need to switch the code to dynamically alloc memory based on the actual virtqueue size otherwise we waste tons of memory on the rx/tx buffers

07-09-2016 15:54 avsm how much?

07-09-2016 15:54 avsm hyperv just forces guests to allocate a 16MB contig physpage

07-09-2016 15:54 hannes as mentioned in the agenda, there are tags in use, and a Canopy issue to get a nicer index

07-09-2016 15:54 avsm So I'm proposing to use Canopy for the ICFP liveblogging, so it'll get more users

07-09-2016 15:54 yomimono canopy: the canopy move is great, but the abstracts for each project now seem rather cryptic compared to the view we got when they were on the wiki

07-09-2016 15:55 avsm yeah -- and editing is slightly harder

07-09-2016 15:55 avsm can we move hannesm/canopy-data to mirage/canopy-data btw?

07-09-2016 15:55 hannes yomimono: the nice thing is everybody can extend them now hint :)

07-09-2016 15:55 avsm hannes: indeed ;-)

07-09-2016 15:55 hannes avsm: sure, well, I can't. you can't. but a simple permission problem

07-09-2016 15:55 avsm ok sent you/me a reminder mail to sort this out later

07-09-2016 15:55 yomimono hannes: an argument could be made that the paragraph summaries from the wiki should be the abstract, and each project should have even more information behind the link I guess

07-09-2016 15:55 yomimono but I can't do the second part of that for any project but my own

07-09-2016 15:56 mato avsm: several megabytes worth, i forget the exact number. in any case we'll need dynamic allocation to support >1 net/block interface.

07-09-2016 15:56 hannes yomimono: I'd appreciate having a single sentence as abstract to not convolute the index page too much

07-09-2016 15:56 avsm well, the better curated your projects are, the more people you'll get helping me

07-09-2016 15:56 avsm cohttp is awful right now so i need to improve mine...

07-09-2016 15:56 yomimono hannes: I don't know much about this information architecture thing everyone keeps talking about when we mention websites so I'll take your word for it :P

07-09-2016 15:57 hannes no web

07-09-2016 15:57 avsm engil: any objections to a canopy deployment for ICFP liveblogging? I'll set that up

07-09-2016 15:57 Drup I'm not convinced the index is much better than the big list of before

07-09-2016 15:57 hannes but the full descriptions were way too long (tried it and failed)

07-09-2016 15:57 engil no objection

07-09-2016 15:57 hannes Drup: look and add to Canopy#60

07-09-2016 15:58 seangrove avsm: I was thinking that some tickets to flesh out cohttp (multi-part POST support, etc.) could be a great starter project

07-09-2016 15:58 avsm seangrove: yeah; a lot of this is helped/solved by ocaml-webmachine on the server side, but not the client side

07-09-2016 15:58 avsm i was poking around to see if a client webmachine is practical, but its not really

07-09-2016 15:58 seangrove Yeah, sorry, I meant purely for the client right now

07-09-2016 15:59 avsm yep, agreed

07-09-2016 15:59 seangrove But that's perhaps a topic for the next mirage meeting....

07-09-2016 15:59 gemma_ Speaking of icfp - along with a general mirage meet, we could do a BoF session too for anyone who has mirage related questions

07-09-2016 15:59 gemma_ If we find a time that works on the Saturday...

07-09-2016 15:59 avsm gemma_: yes! I'm in japan for the last half of ICFP (ocaml workshop through to cufp)

07-09-2016 16:00 avsm there's also an ocaml tutorial which we could partially hijack

07-09-2016 16:00 avsm if you want a mirage clump

07-09-2016 16:00 gemma_ Ah that could work

07-09-2016 16:00 avsm who else is in japan for icfp?

07-09-2016 16:00 yomimono from my experience teaching the ocaml tutorial last year, the audiences would be quite dissimilar

07-09-2016 16:00 gemma_ Ideas for how we could add to canopy for live blogging/capturing the event also welcome!

07-09-2016 16:00 yomimono but I'm very down with the idea of a BoF session

07-09-2016 16:00 avsm yes audiences would be, but usually a bit of spare room to hang out?

07-09-2016 16:01 yomimono that I can't speak to, not knowing the venue

07-09-2016 16:01 Drup hannes: hum, I actually don't have much to add to that. It really needs categories/sorting

07-09-2016 16:01 avsm gemma_: any chance of a doodle on mirageos-devel?

07-09-2016 16:01 yomimono I'm in japan for ICFP though and would be very stoked to have a mirage meetup

07-09-2016 16:01 yomimono STOKED and HYPED

07-09-2016 16:01 avsm yeah! and seangrove is speaking at cufp!

07-09-2016 16:02 seangrove I'll be in japan speaking at CUFP (won't be for ICFP), was thinking about doing a Mirage/Reason hacking session. Would like to see some Reason unikernels.

07-09-2016 16:02 avsm seangrove: i'm up for that

07-09-2016 16:02 gemma_ Sounds great!

07-09-2016 16:02 avsm alright </meeting>

07-09-2016 16:02 avsm let the great git bot in the sky commit!

07-09-2016 16:03 avsm all hail the great git bot in the sky

07-09-2016 16:03 djwillia thanks all!

07-09-2016 16:03 avsm just a few more weeks to mirage3, lets hack hack

07-09-2016 16:03 yomimono puts on big headphones

07-09-2016 16:03 mato hackity hack

07-09-2016 16:03 yomimono cues up uplink soundtrack

07-09-2016 16:03 mato thanks all indeed

07-09-2016 16:03 yomimono starts projector to put scrolling text on her face