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Published: 2016-05-04 (last updated: 2016-05-05)

04-05-2016 14:58 yomimono :D

04-05-2016 14:59 engil looks like the bot is really looking forward to the meeting…

04-05-2016 14:59 avsm You're early, unpurecamelbot!

04-05-2016 14:59 gemma Haha keeping us in suspense too ...

04-05-2016 15:00 mort___ breath

04-05-2016 15:00 avsm Greetings! Mirage IRC chat starting. Agenda is up at:

04-05-2016 15:00 avsm But first, who is here? Wave for the Irmin logging camera.

04-05-2016 15:01 dbuenzli \o/

04-05-2016 15:01 engil ~o~

04-05-2016 15:01 thomasga /o/

04-05-2016 15:01 yomimono waves

04-05-2016 15:01 rudenoise \o/

04-05-2016 15:01 djs55 waves

04-05-2016 15:01 avsm We've had quite a few releases in the last couple of weeks: Mirage 2.8.0, followed swiftly by Mirage 2.9.0 to deal with some regressions. thomasga and talex5, would you like to tell us more?

04-05-2016 15:01 talex5 \o/

04-05-2016 15:01 dinosaure hi

04-05-2016 15:02 yallop hello

04-05-2016 15:02 mort___ .

04-05-2016 15:02 thomasga 2.9.0 doesn't fix regressions, it adds support for logging

04-05-2016 15:02 avsm my bad, 2.8.0 was by yomimono to fix up various tcp/ip interface issues

04-05-2016 15:02 talex5 Yes. We can now start adding logs support to other libraries and users will be able to see it by default.

04-05-2016 15:03 yomimono cheers

04-05-2016 15:03 avsm The 2.9.0 changelog:

04-05-2016 15:03 thomasga so basically if you use Logs in your libraries, you can use the mirage tool to configure a simple log reporter

04-05-2016 15:03 thomasga either at configuration time or runtime

04-05-2016 15:03 talex5 I've added support to tcpip and mirage-net-xen so far.

04-05-2016 15:03 thomasga and you use simple patterns to turn on/off some log sources

04-05-2016 15:03 avsm Quite a few libraries have now started to shift to the logging interface I see. So if you see "printf" or "Console.log", then consider porting that to use Logs instead

04-05-2016 15:04 thomasga also, I've fixed the argv parsing issue

04-05-2016 15:04 thomasga so that should fix booting on EC2

04-05-2016 15:04 avsm This is an example of porting TCP/IP to use Logs:

04-05-2016 15:04 talex5 Confirmed: I can boot my Qubes firewall without hacks now :-)

04-05-2016 15:04 avsm thomasga: awesome!

04-05-2016 15:05 djs55 @thomasga I was just wondering about that. What was the fix?

04-05-2016 15:05 thomasga I've added a way to change the default parser for command-line argument

04-05-2016 15:05 thomasga and there a new no_argv parser which just doesn't care

04-05-2016 15:05 djs55 ah yes sounds handy

04-05-2016 15:05 avsm One quirk of the newer releases it that you may need to pass "--network 0" to mirage configure. Previously we were very permissive about how network interfaces were named, but now they need to be distinct.

04-05-2016 15:05 thomasga so it's a configuration-only parameter

04-05-2016 15:06 avsm yomimono: thomasga: talex5: is there a short paragraph about these new features we should put somewhere?

04-05-2016 15:06 thomasga not yet, I will try to write something before the next meeting

04-05-2016 15:06 avsm "how to use logging in a library", "the networking naming situation"

04-05-2016 15:06 avsm suggestions for where to put this welcome -- I was thinking expanding CHANGES would be easiest

04-05-2016 15:06 avsm to explain the import of new features

04-05-2016 15:07 dbuenzli In the documentation !

04-05-2016 15:07 avsm yes indeed...

04-05-2016 15:07 talex5 How to use logging in a library is basically: read the Logs docs - nothing Mirage specific.

04-05-2016 15:07 avsm one motivation to do more documentation PRs: the more often we do so, the more often the website is redeployed and we catch bugs in the master branch :-)

04-05-2016 15:08 yomimono I think the "how to use" is less compelling than an example of how much nicer it is to deal with problems now that we have logs

04-05-2016 15:08 avsm yomimono: yeah, that's true

04-05-2016 15:08 djwillia is "--network 0" the only change to the configure step with the new release?

04-05-2016 15:08 avsm debugging no longer requires grep over console logs

04-05-2016 15:08 yomimono for example, one or two of the use cases talex5 was working on at the hackathon

04-05-2016 15:08 thomasga yes, my plan is just to write a small wiki page with an example

04-05-2016 15:08 avsm Fantastic. Closing out mirage release topic and moving on shortly...

04-05-2016 15:08 dbuenzli Just curious is someone using tags ?

04-05-2016 15:08 avsm tags?

04-05-2016 15:09 dbuenzli Logs tags

04-05-2016 15:09 yomimono I think the answer is no

04-05-2016 15:09 talex5 mirage-logs will print them as key-value pairs I think.

04-05-2016 15:09 avsm should we be?

04-05-2016 15:09 dbuenzli No not necessarily

04-05-2016 15:09 thomasga not yet

04-05-2016 15:10 avsm oh I see, they can be used to attach (for example) a session tag so that we can trace from Ethif->IP->TCP->HTTP->TLS->App

04-05-2016 15:10 dbuenzli Basically any kind of typed value can be attached to a logs message.

04-05-2016 15:11 avsm this seems really useful to filter out sessions... could also filter by NAT state on UDP packets to find one session in DNS djs55 yomimono

04-05-2016 15:11 talex5 yominono: the examples were mainly error reporting rather than logging. We'd better get that stuff in soon, or people will start using logging instead to return errors :-(

04-05-2016 15:11 thomasga yes, lots of unexplored use-cases

04-05-2016 15:11 yomimono extremely good point

04-05-2016 15:11 mort___ (cool— i can see "magpie for mirage" — phoenix? — becoming an MPhil project soon :))

04-05-2016 15:12 hannes (soory, late... needed to punt)

04-05-2016 15:12 avsm Ok, next topic: good news and bad news

04-05-2016 15:12 avsm Bad news: our first security advisory! Good news: Hannes did a great job of driving and root diagnosing it and pulling in everyone needed.

04-05-2016 15:12 avsm

04-05-2016 15:12 djs55 sunglasses

04-05-2016 15:12 avsm Semi-good-news: it was actually fixed back in January

04-05-2016 15:13 hannes bad news: it was actually our second flaw (remember mirage-fs-unix 2 years ago with a directory traversal) ;)

04-05-2016 15:13 avsm So we definitely need to speed up our disclosure process somewhat

04-05-2016 15:13 avsm Aww hannes, I was zero-indexing :-)

04-05-2016 15:13 avsm This one was quite serious, but only affected the Xen backend

04-05-2016 15:13 avsm But there is precious little documentation about how the Xen device drivers should work

04-05-2016 15:14 avsm so the Mirage libraries are increasingly also becoming oracles that explain it

04-05-2016 15:14 avsm So anyone motivated to learn more about the low levels are encouraged to dive into mirage-net-xen, mirage-block-xen and friends and send doc PRs with questions/clarifications

04-05-2016 15:14 dbuenzli Is there a well defined perimeter were these can happen. So that e.g. would could focus on these for auditing.

04-05-2016 15:15 djs55 they're quite hard to unit test in their current state (except vchan which is functorised and runs over any source of pages, events etc)

04-05-2016 15:15 hannes dbuenzli: unfortunately it seems those "protocols" are "documented" in the linux source code...

04-05-2016 15:15 avsm dbuenzli: it's anything down at the Xen layer. The interfaces are generally defined in code and not specs.

04-05-2016 15:15 talex5 djs55: I think you had a branch doing something similar for mirage-net-xen...

04-05-2016 15:16 djs55 talex5: yes that's true — it wasn't complete… however how that we have a netback it would be easier to resurrect I think. I wanted to write client/server tests which was tricky as we had no server code at the time

04-05-2016 15:16 dbuenzli I see. Do these layer then leak higher-up ?

04-05-2016 15:16 hannes (I got btw good feedback on the disclosure and the detailed analysis of how I cornered the issue)

04-05-2016 15:17 avsm One very nice PPX extension that we can now use thanks to the the 4.02 minimum version is ppx_inline_test -- figuring out how to embed more documentation that can also act as tests over a functorised version of the driver (that doesnt require xen) would be interesting

04-05-2016 15:17 talex5 djs55: yes, I extracted the netback support from that branch. It'll need rebasing on trunk now.

04-05-2016 15:17 hannes dbuenzli: at least mirage-net-xen not, for TX it has its own page pool; for RX it copies the incoming data into a freshly allocated buffer... thus, the memory used for xen <-> mirage is very well contained

04-05-2016 15:18 avsm dbuenzli: ideally, we would pass zero-copy pages up through the application stack, but we don't have sufficient support for this yet at the library level. It would require a blocking interface over Bigarray fragments, so parsers would need to restart in an IO loop and so on

04-05-2016 15:19 avsm Ok, thank you again to hannes for his efforts in the last week to isolate this bug and push out the releases.

04-05-2016 15:19 avsm Onto 4.03.

04-05-2016 15:19 thomasga (thx hannes!)

04-05-2016 15:19 raboof (yes great read!)

04-05-2016 15:19 yomimono (VERY BIG thanks indeed!)

04-05-2016 15:19 avsm I have a PR that adds OCaml 4.03 support! We have fixed a lot of libraries to now work with 4.03! 4.03 has been released!

04-05-2016 15:19 yomimono !!

04-05-2016 15:19 avsm

04-05-2016 15:19 hannes imho for the future: it would be nice if those low-level libraries get PRs approved by at least 4 eyes (please, let us stop to merge them individually)

04-05-2016 15:19 thomasga yay, everything broke with 4.03

04-05-2016 15:20 avsm hannes: well its not the number of eyes that concerns me, but the accuracy with which they see

04-05-2016 15:20 thomasga hannes: maybe we can start by 2 eyes

04-05-2016 15:20 thomasga I mean 2 pair of eyes

04-05-2016 15:20 avsm very few people understand those low level interfaces

04-05-2016 15:20 yomimono ...maybe we can define this in terms of brains instead

04-05-2016 15:20 thomasga indeed

04-05-2016 15:20 dbuenzli Also the problem is that diffs are not such a good review process.

04-05-2016 15:20 hannes (well, actually I'd like to establish this code review principle for mirage libraries... just let a PR sit and invite people @foo to review (with whom you feel confident they'll understand something))

04-05-2016 15:20 djs55 If we refactor the code a bit we could start adding unit tests, perhaps that would catch some things

04-05-2016 15:21 thomasga we should start to add test first indeed

04-05-2016 15:21 avsm One suggestion I had for a future hacking evening would be for everyone to pick a driver and document/understand/add-tests to it

04-05-2016 15:21 thomasga I always trust better tests than eyes

04-05-2016 15:21 yomimono I think it's a good idea to do all that stuff

04-05-2016 15:21 yomimono tests can also be bad code

04-05-2016 15:21 dbuenzli The problem in case was a little bit hard to test...

04-05-2016 15:21 yomimono and it's very useful to have >1 brain think about them

04-05-2016 15:22 avsm dbuenzli: not really :-( we could have had a unit test that just sat in a loop granting and ungranting pages

04-05-2016 15:22 dbuenzli ok

04-05-2016 15:22 hannes tries all the time to find another brain on ebay... so far not much success

04-05-2016 15:22 thomasga yes, that's a problem with the library design then. we should design testable components :p anyway, more brain/eyes/tests is good, we should do all of that.

04-05-2016 15:22 avsm i must say that oasis infuriates me with respect to test cases, since there's a flag and something else that invisibly runs only some tests

04-05-2016 15:23 talex5 @hannes: I don't think we have a big problem with things becoming broken right now. Changes at the moment usually make things better.

04-05-2016 15:23 mort___ agree with all that. if i understand correctly, not self-merging PRs would be a simple start though

04-05-2016 15:23 talex5 We have a lot of very research-quality code we need to upgrade.

04-05-2016 15:23 hannes talex5: I'd be really careful with those "core" parts...

04-05-2016 15:23 avsm yeah, it's just that there's a lot of code written in the early days of Mirage that needs a critical look at

04-05-2016 15:23 djs55 I think not self-merging PRs is good, although we do need to promise to review things quickly and not let them stagnate

04-05-2016 15:23 avsm please ignore authorship of said code while reviewing it :P

04-05-2016 15:24 thomasga yes please

04-05-2016 15:24 hannes talex5: and in order to upgrade there should maybe a design document!? (specifying things handled and not handled, lifecycles of pieces of memory, ...)!?!?

04-05-2016 15:24 noddy time for a Full Rewrite (TM)? :)

04-05-2016 15:24 dbuenzli No we'll whip

04-05-2016 15:24 thomasga (and delete as much as my code as possible)

04-05-2016 15:24 avsm hannes: in the ocamldoc signatures!

04-05-2016 15:24 avsm more good news about ocaml 4.03 : a unified documentation tool is on its way

04-05-2016 15:25 hannes I mean you can hack as much on broken code as you want, but it won't turn into high quality code unless you really think about it (sth I learned from noddy and buenzli ;)

04-05-2016 15:25 mort___ @hannes: such documentation has been discussed many times but not been written. perhaps avsm suggestion of a doc/comment/query focused hackathon is the best way to start it...

04-05-2016 15:25 avsm the issue with doing it piecemeal is that there's lot of random knowledge about those layers that is buried in various developers' minds

04-05-2016 15:26 avsm so much like the ocaml compiler hacking sessions, you can get a surprising amount done in an evening over wine and code

04-05-2016 15:26 avsm i bet the device drivers are in that class -- it's quite easy to write tests

04-05-2016 15:26 dbuenzli I can drink a surprising amount of wine.

04-05-2016 15:26 avsm one area where we will have to do this is with the forthcoming Solo5 merge with djwillia

04-05-2016 15:26 hannes so, code reading weekends? one of the things I've planned for marrakesh2017 is to print out all the libraries in order to be able to use pen and paper..

04-05-2016 15:26 avsm for the first time we will have two driver paths for the low-levels, so abstraction will be required

04-05-2016 15:26 thomasga (yes we need more wine to improve MirageOS pliz)

04-05-2016 15:27 gemma Noted 😝

04-05-2016 15:27 dbuenzli I encourage to print code (don't think too much about the trees) I do this for most of my libraries at a certain point.

04-05-2016 15:27 talex5 Agree we should set aside time for code reviews (existing and PRs). Maybe not weekends though...

04-05-2016 15:27 dbuenzli It makes it for a very different kind of review.

04-05-2016 15:27 djwillia will need a lot of wine for the Solo5 merge

04-05-2016 15:28 hannes dbuenzli: also better readable than screens on the roof terrace

04-05-2016 15:28 avsm Ok, let's move on: I'll take an action to figure out when to have a local hacking session (perhaps in June when dbuenzli is in town) to do code review explicitly.

04-05-2016 15:28 dbuenzli Arriving the very 1st of june.

04-05-2016 15:28 djs55 I also print code — I used that technique to understand domain migration in Xen while I was in a hospital waiting room

04-05-2016 15:28 avsm you picked a bad time to have a head injury djs55

04-05-2016 15:28 dbuenzli Yeah also reading code on the toilets is quite nice.

04-05-2016 15:28 avsm Onto Ocaml 4.03: is anyone blocked on a library that depends on 4.02?

04-05-2016 15:29 thomasga js_of_ocaml

04-05-2016 15:29 avsm The most notable one is js_of_ocaml, which is fixed in trunk

04-05-2016 15:29 hannes avsm: mirage-platform needs a release

04-05-2016 15:29 avsm yeah need to pin that for now

04-05-2016 15:29 avsm hannes: yes, I'm just bringing up mirage-www on it before releasing it, to get more testing. It also adds strtod/l so that float parsing works

04-05-2016 15:29 thomasga I've released new version of irmin and git which are working fine on 4.03

04-05-2016 15:30 avsm anything else? oasis released, all the Jane Street libraries are good, Irmin/Git are going great. Things are generally in decent shape.

04-05-2016 15:30 hannes (one last thing about PRs: I still don't understand where pp_hex for cstruct.t should life... or what is the point of hex if it doesn't provide it, but cstruct does it instead)

04-05-2016 15:30 avsm One thing: test with the flambda variation as well, since it is stricter with respect to .cmx files due to the inliner.

04-05-2016 15:30 dbuenzli If bigarrays were in the stdlib I'd put it in fmt...

04-05-2016 15:31 avsm hannes: was working on the basis that this is a specific printer for Cstruct to output in hex format, not a general hex printer

04-05-2016 15:31 avsm i.e. its more of a debug interface for cstruct

04-05-2016 15:31 dbuenzli So it should live in cstruct then.

04-05-2016 15:32 avsm yeah, and will be in cstruct.2.1.0 released today hopefully

04-05-2016 15:32 hannes in the end, I'd like to have one single place of code which converts a byte buffer into hex... and this might be functorized over all the buffers we use!?

04-05-2016 15:32 dbuenzli Functors... The hammer.

04-05-2016 15:32 thomasga the code in hex should be very fast (@yallop spent some time on it)

04-05-2016 15:32 hannes (anyways, I'l shut up now)

04-05-2016 15:32 avsm Before closing out OCaml 4.03: has anyone tried -flambda with Mirage libraries?

04-05-2016 15:33 thomasga would be better to rely on that if possible

04-05-2016 15:33 avsm it should now work, including in the xen mode, but I havent looked at the build magic

04-05-2016 15:33 thomasga not tried flamba yet

04-05-2016 15:33 avsm i'm hoping desperately that flambda is only a link time thing and not for every object file compilation

04-05-2016 15:33 avsm if it requires changing every object file, I'll be crying in the corner

04-05-2016 15:33 avsm or waiting for dbuenzli's topkg release

04-05-2016 15:33 avsm or both

04-05-2016 15:33 dbuenzli ducks

04-05-2016 15:34 talex5 I tried 4.03 a few times, but had problems. And every time I do opam switch, it kills my shell configuration :-( So staying with 4.02.3 for now...

04-05-2016 15:34 dsheets Packages need to install cmx files at least and many do not right now, afaik.

04-05-2016 15:34 avsm alright, I'll take a look at that... a bug should be filed :-)

04-05-2016 15:35 avsm dsheets: ah ok. So we're making progress with 4.03 support, but 4.03-flambda should be considered as the next step (we wont get it entirely for free)

04-05-2016 15:35 dbuenzli Yes they changed the compilation model without really warning the world about it.

04-05-2016 15:35 talex5

04-05-2016 15:35 avsm Ok lets move on from 4.03. In the next meeting, talex5 will hopefully have a working shell after upgrading his compiler (?!)

04-05-2016 15:35 avsm Updates:

04-05-2016 15:35 avsm Mirage-dashboard is looking good!

04-05-2016 15:35 avsm

04-05-2016 15:35 hannes .oO(is rudenoise around?)

04-05-2016 15:35 rudenoise I am

04-05-2016 15:36 avsm rudenoise: nice!

04-05-2016 15:36 hannes \o/

04-05-2016 15:36 rudenoise thanks!

04-05-2016 15:36 avsm a slightly scarily large HTML page, that

04-05-2016 15:36 rudenoise it's taking shape

04-05-2016 15:36 hannes big applaus for rudenoise! :D

04-05-2016 15:36 engil \o

04-05-2016 15:36 dbuenzli A lot of my packages say they have no releases. But they do have.

04-05-2016 15:36 avsm dbuenzli: i guess this works from the github api, and not git tags?

04-05-2016 15:36 rudenoise that's right

04-05-2016 15:36 dbuenzli I see.

04-05-2016 15:36 djs55 I think we need a zoomed-out view, perhaps one pixel per repo, just to cope with the number of repos we have :)

04-05-2016 15:37 avsm dbuenzli: any suggestions on how to get a changelog from a git tag? we just need a convention

04-05-2016 15:37 avsm rudenoise: actually a summary table would be really helpful, hrefing down to the detailed boxes

04-05-2016 15:37 dbuenzli Checkout the repo and extract it from the change log file.

04-05-2016 15:37 rudenoise sure, I was thinking about making them all colapsable

04-05-2016 15:38 rudenoise cool, currently using Github.Release.for_repo

04-05-2016 15:38 engil rudenoise: If you are open to pull requests about CSS I might give a try at changing a few things, if you don't have any plans already on this side :)

04-05-2016 15:38 avsm rudenoise: dbuenzli: i wonder if we can abstract this in an opam-changes plugin that figures it out from the package

04-05-2016 15:39 avsm some packages have, others have different formats...

04-05-2016 15:39 rudenoise that'd be great, I bunged bootstrap in to get it going but I'm not particularly attached to it

04-05-2016 15:39 hannes using opam information would be great, also for tags (in order to group projects)

04-05-2016 15:39 talex5 How does it work out the contributors?

04-05-2016 15:39 rudenoise it loops any events and grabs the user from them

04-05-2016 15:40 talex5 So... just recent contribs then?

04-05-2016 15:40 dbuenzli In topkg if your change log has a well defined format, I automatically extract the lateset release notes.

04-05-2016 15:40 thomasga no the Github API exposes all the contributors

04-05-2016 15:40 avsm talex5:

04-05-2016 15:40 talex5 For example: I'm certainly not the only contributor to mirage-console.

04-05-2016 15:40 thomasga opam install topkg

04-05-2016 15:40 hannes but a contribution is also opening an issue and commenting..

04-05-2016 15:41 avsm dbuenzli: nice; i'll fixup any libraries i port to make sure it has a well deffined changelog then

04-05-2016 15:41 rudenoise I think I'm only including those who've generated more than one event

04-05-2016 15:41 dbuenzli I think it works with the mirages ones.

04-05-2016 15:41 yomimono dbuenzli: any docs on a "well-defined" format?

04-05-2016 15:42 talex5 rudenoise: I'm a very minor contributor to that lib.

04-05-2016 15:42 dbuenzli Yes.

04-05-2016 15:42 dbuenzli

04-05-2016 15:42 yomimono Excellent, thanks!

04-05-2016 15:43 avsm alright, thanks for the continued work on this rudenoise! Onto Canopy... aside from finding serious security holes in MirageOS/Xen, how's it going engil?

04-05-2016 15:43 dbuenzli Ah no in fact it's in the man page of topkg-log sorry.

04-05-2016 15:43 engil well, hard to tell

04-05-2016 15:43 engil a few bugs that we need to fix

04-05-2016 15:43 engil and hmm

04-05-2016 15:43 avsm The one deployed on is working well

04-05-2016 15:43 avsm and the IRC logs logging is great

04-05-2016 15:43 thomasga rudenoise talex5: the Github API should expose

04-05-2016 15:43 engil yeah, master isn't looking too good though

04-05-2016 15:43 engil :)

04-05-2016 15:44 hannes it is leaking memory... guess what I've a new bug for this weekend ;)

04-05-2016 15:44 engil one question, I was thinking about doing a release at some point

04-05-2016 15:44 avsm I'd recommend using OCaml 4.03 and bugging mshinwell for his memory profiler (really!)

04-05-2016 15:44 dbuenzli yomimono:

04-05-2016 15:44 hannes [but likely it is mirage-http]

04-05-2016 15:44 engil but I was wondering how unikernels and releases works together

04-05-2016 15:44 avsm the memory profiler was waiting on a 4.03-capable cohttp, which we have now thanks to rgrinberg releasing a ppx-conduit

04-05-2016 15:44 yomimono dbuenzli: ah, nice. thanks.

04-05-2016 15:44 avsm unikernels/releases: use OPAM versioning

04-05-2016 15:45 thomasga @engil and @hannes: does it leak with irmin-unix ?

04-05-2016 15:45 hannes ah, the interesting question again... shouldn't unikernels be opam packages? ;)

04-05-2016 15:45 hannes thomasga: I've no irmin-unix... but I saw you had a recent release...

04-05-2016 15:45 thomasga yes, there is a memory leak in lwt_unix

04-05-2016 15:46 engil avsm: how would it work ? an opam package that would install the unix binary ?

04-05-2016 15:46 engil how about xen ?

04-05-2016 15:46 avsm engil: yeah should work fine. You just ensure the mirage configure phase doesnt call opam

04-05-2016 15:46 hannes thomasga: ah, I deploy it on Xen at -- and there I had to restart after some days

04-05-2016 15:46 avsm one feature it would be nice to have from the mirage CLI is to generate a local opam file

04-05-2016 15:47 hannes thomasga: what I'd like to know is how is actually deployed? how much ram? restart on crash or not?

04-05-2016 15:47 hannes avsm: +1

04-05-2016 15:47 aantron thomasga: is this leak already reported as an issue?

04-05-2016 15:47 thomasga aantron: I saw you fixed it, thanks!

04-05-2016 15:47 thomasga hannes: see

04-05-2016 15:47 avsm aantron: we appreciate you stepping up to do maintenance work on Lwt!

04-05-2016 15:48 thomasga 1024 RAM + restart on crash

04-05-2016 15:48 aantron thomasga: well, credit goes to @talex5 for the actual diagnosis :)

04-05-2016 15:48 avsm Ok, lets move on to the last bit. Just 10 minutes left.

04-05-2016 15:48 thomasga hannes: and for live memory usage

04-05-2016 15:48 hannes thomasga: thx (I deploy on 128MB and fail on crash)

04-05-2016 15:48 avsm Infromation retrieval!

04-05-2016 15:48 dbuenzli Le serpent de mer.

04-05-2016 15:49 hannes thomasga: but those I don't really understand / cannot zoom out enough / doesn't show me its uptime

04-05-2016 15:49 avsm the OCaml Labs website has been wallowing in unmaintained mode for some time, so gemma has been centralising and updating information on -- a simpler mediawiki than the older site

04-05-2016 15:49 avsm This is intended just to capture OCL activity around multicore/etc, but it's proving to be quite a useful place to keep notes on stuff.

04-05-2016 15:49 hannes yay :) :D

04-05-2016 15:49 gemma Yes 😊 lots of useful info in one place

04-05-2016 15:50 avsm So for example is where I noted down blog posts etc to find useful tips on moving to PPX

04-05-2016 15:50 gemma Feel free to add to/create new pages as per the PPX and HardCaml pages

04-05-2016 15:50 hannes (my only criticism is that it is not a mirageos unikernel, but some piece of php ;)

04-05-2016 15:51 avsm This wiki isn't really "announced" yet, but if you find some useful OCaml tips and need somewhere to put them, the ocamllabs wiki will continue to be around.

04-05-2016 15:51 avsm hannes: yes indeed. but it's running TLStunnel for HTTPS (soon to be a unikernel), and also I've got a cohttp/fastcgi branch so that the webserver can also be a mirage unikernel soon ;-)

04-05-2016 15:51 thomasga hannes: I think there is tlstunnel between the crap php and you

04-05-2016 15:51 avsm also there is a http2https unikernel that redirects 80->443

04-05-2016 15:51 avsm so the unikernels are bravely defending the weak PHP centre

04-05-2016 15:52 mort___ microservices ftw!

04-05-2016 15:52 avsm As dbuenzli often notes, we do want to refresh the Mirage documentation more easily, and so the next step is to port mirage-www to not crunch the data into itself but to git pull its data from a remote source

04-05-2016 15:52 avsm most of this is "almost done" (and Canopy is helping)

04-05-2016 15:53 avsm but is there for the OCaml-specific features. Anyone can register on the site (it's a normal wikimedia setup), so go ahead. Anonymous posts are discouraged

04-05-2016 15:53 avsm ...but I haven't locked out anonymous posts yet, until abuse actually occurs. Please dont...

04-05-2016 15:54 avsm Finally: blog posts! A number of people have volunteered to do blog posts on the new features. Thank you!

04-05-2016 15:54 avsm yomimono: how's the hackathon round up post going?

04-05-2016 15:54 yomimono

04-05-2016 15:54 gemma Woop 😊

04-05-2016 15:54 avsm yay!

04-05-2016 15:54 yomimono If anyone has last-minute contributions, that's the place to say so :)

04-05-2016 15:55 avsm There was also a lot of interest in AFL fuzzing, so if anyone wants to pick that up see what yomimono did in morocco...

04-05-2016 15:55 hannes a friend was not satisfied with the mirage tutorial stuff, and thus started to bug me and wrote things down (at -- imho more easy to get into than some of the content of

04-05-2016 15:55 avsm mirage-examples is awesome!

04-05-2016 15:55 gemma That's great!

04-05-2016 15:55 thomasga hannes: that's great!

04-05-2016 15:56 thomasga folding that to main website would be awesome

04-05-2016 15:56 thomasga (replace folding by replacing or whatever is simpler)

04-05-2016 15:56 avsm I'll add a link to it shortly if my website ever builds again on the 4.03 branch

04-05-2016 15:56 avsm Any other blog posts people would like to do?

04-05-2016 15:57 avsm Also my apologies: I missed out the very exciting Solo5 release that djwillia did. How did the release go djwillia ?

04-05-2016 15:57 avsm I notice that mato leapt in to test it on dodgy old x86 hardware without the latest greatest 2MB page support :)

04-05-2016 15:58 djwillia well, we're still in the process of making everything work the right way with opam rather than the old build it had

04-05-2016 15:58 djwillia mato has been a great help

04-05-2016 15:58 avsm yes, moving the various libraries to an OPAM base is really useful

04-05-2016 15:58 mato avsm: 1G page support actually. not dodgy, just not there on mobile CPUs

04-05-2016 15:58 mato avsm: mkt segmentation by intel :(

04-05-2016 15:58 avsm mato: ah, didnt even realise x86 had 1G page support these days

04-05-2016 15:59 djwillia yeah, we used 1G pages by default in ukvm, which wasn't the most compatible choice :)

04-05-2016 15:59 avsm i've been dipping my toes in cross-compilation using

04-05-2016 15:59 avsm its a Docker container that supports cross toolchains for a vast number of cpus and also osx/windows

04-05-2016 16:00 avsm but still not convinced OCaml 4.03 to use it fully yet. If anyone understands cross-compilation in OCaml, would like to chat...

04-05-2016 16:00 avsm it should make (for example) OSX and Windows binaries easy to generate from a Docker script

04-05-2016 16:00 dbuenzli whitequark

04-05-2016 16:00 avsm yeah, I'll bug whitequark

04-05-2016 16:00 hannes yes, whitequark has android/win/ios cross building setups

04-05-2016 16:00 avsm Alright! An hour on the dot! Anything else anyone wants to bring up?

04-05-2016 16:01 avsm I'll hopefully have an flambda report soon. Also sean grove is doing a mirageos talk in London this Tuesday evening

04-05-2016 16:01 avsm if anyone happens to be in London next week and wants to cheer him on

04-05-2016 16:01 avsm but if nothing else -- git commit the logger for this week engil!

04-05-2016 16:02 thomasga \o

04-05-2016 16:02 hannes logger... syslog... wanthave

04-05-2016 16:02 avsm exception

04-05-2016 16:02 reynir o/