Irc discussions from #mirage on 01-03-2017

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Published: 2017-06-25 (last updated: 2017-06-25)

01-03-2017 16:01 yomimono Hi folks!

01-03-2017 16:01 djwillia hi!

01-03-2017 16:01 yomimono Sorry for the very late announcement, but we'll be having our biweekly catchup right about now.

01-03-2017 16:01 amirmc hi!

01-03-2017 16:02 yomimono If you have items to add to the agenda, or you'd like to have a look, it's at the top of this page: .

01-03-2017 16:02 yomimono We're a bit shorthanded both because of the late announcement, and because many people are traveling today or have just arrived at the hack retreat, so I expect it to be a short catchup :)

01-03-2017 16:03 yomimono first on the agenda -- this is our first catchup since MirageOS 3 was released on Thursday of last week :D

01-03-2017 16:03 amirmc Yay!

01-03-2017 16:03 yomimono as perhaps you have seen from the shiny new /topic !

01-03-2017 16:03 yomimono thanks a ton, amirmc, for doing the coordination and press work :)

01-03-2017 16:04 amirmc I'm glad it landed in time. :)

01-03-2017 16:05 yomimono we have a few folks going through the new tutorial & building their first Mirage 3 unikernels at the hack retreat :D I expect lots of issues and PRs

01-03-2017 16:05 avsm hello! Sounds like network connectivity is great at the retreat :-)

01-03-2017 16:06 yomimono errrrrrrr

01-03-2017 16:06 yomimono wellllllll

01-03-2017 16:06 yomimono not exactly ;)

01-03-2017 16:06 yomimono but good enough, maybe!

01-03-2017 16:07 yomimono I put an agenda item for hack retreat discussion on the end of the agenda, but the only other item is Irmin 1.0 (yay!)

01-03-2017 16:08 yomimono I don't see samoht here, so I can't congratulate/thank him :(

01-03-2017 16:08 amirmc I added an item, which we can cover before or after the hack retreat

01-03-2017 16:09 thomasga Bonjour!

01-03-2017 16:09 avsm Speak of the unicolonel, and he arrives!

01-03-2017 16:09 mort___ .

01-03-2017 16:09 yomimono bonjour, monsieur!

01-03-2017 16:10 yomimono thomasga: I put an agenda item up for Irmin 1.0 - congratulations & thank you :)

01-03-2017 16:10 thomasga Thanks :-)

01-03-2017 16:11 avsm Yes! A huge milestone :-) Also interesting to see KC's ezirmin layer

01-03-2017 16:11 thomasga I am writing a blog post, I have an early draft available somewhere

01-03-2017 16:11 avsm he told me he's going to port it to Irmin 1.0 soon, and he has a bunch of notes on the API that he will mail to the miragos-devel list soon

01-03-2017 16:11 thomasga I am looking for a better running example than "distributed metric collection"

01-03-2017 16:11 thomasga avsm: great!

01-03-2017 16:12 thomasga hopefully he likes it better than the pre-1.0 API

01-03-2017 16:12 thomasga anyone using the new API is welcome to send some feedback. I am pretty ok (and happy) to make a quick 1.1 release with the feedback if needed.

01-03-2017 16:13 avsm yeah, but he ran into a few issues when setting up a large distributed cluster

01-03-2017 16:13 avsm so I guess post-1.0 Irmin will be the multi-host modes :-)

01-03-2017 16:14 thomasga yup, the "distributed" part is not as well tested than the rest

01-03-2017 16:14 thomasga I am really looking forward having a Git server implementation

01-03-2017 16:14 thomasga so we can sort all of this out more easily

01-03-2017 16:15 thomasga Fortunately dinosaure is making a lot of progress :-)

01-03-2017 16:16 yomimono :D

01-03-2017 16:16 yomimono he is hacking hard RIGHT NOW.

01-03-2017 16:16 avsm glad to hear it :-)

01-03-2017 16:17 yomimono everyone OK to move on?

01-03-2017 16:17 yomimono waits for latency bar to drop to 0

01-03-2017 16:17 avsm +1

01-03-2017 16:17 yomimono must be fine! next item is the hack retreat - a bunch of us are here. afaik there's not a dedicated canopy instance like we had last time, but we can try to get one with the mirage 3 patches

01-03-2017 16:18 yomimono a bunch of rad T-shirts just arrived - thanks gemma! :D

01-03-2017 16:18 yomimono thanks again to hannes for organizing. :)

01-03-2017 16:19 yomimono I am done talking now!

01-03-2017 16:20 avsm Would the existing Canopy not work?

01-03-2017 16:20 avsm Or do you need a local one due to latency?

01-03-2017 16:20 amirmc More t-shirts arriving on Friday

01-03-2017 16:20 yomimono Is the existing one running Mirage3 + Irmin1?

01-03-2017 16:21 avsm It would be great if you could capture the early user experiences -- feel free to dump them into emails to me if there's nowhere else to put them :-)

01-03-2017 16:21 amirmc Existing canopy probably isn't on Mirage3 yet

01-03-2017 16:21 avsm Also: if anyone wants to test opam2 build that would be awesome

01-03-2017 16:21 avsm yomimono: amirmc: its still on mirage too, but its the live one

01-03-2017 16:21 avsm you should be able to git clone the repo and merge all your stuff in there, and push to live mirage/canopy-data whenever you have net

01-03-2017 16:21 amirmc Support was added though (by thomasga)

01-03-2017 16:22 yomimono Sounds good :D

01-03-2017 16:23 amirmc Last item on the agenda is blog posts.

01-03-2017 16:24 amirmc i.e. who can write some and by when :)

01-03-2017 16:25 amirmc So far we've had content by Hannes, Mindy, and Thomas. Is there anyone else who can write up something related to Mirage 3?

01-03-2017 16:25 avsm I'm working on documenting the CI at the moment so I can hand it off to more people :)

01-03-2017 16:25 avsm so could be a spinoff post about how that works on, but am focussing on actual docs content

01-03-2017 16:26 amirmc avsm: docs first makes sense but can we commit to a date for a post? Otherwise this might get forgotten. I tried to make a schedule but it's pretty thin (

01-03-2017 16:27 avsm I can't commit at the moment sadly -- but I'll update the issue when I make progress. I've got a stack of infrastructure work (like fixing up that takes priority at the moment

01-03-2017 16:28 avsm Would be great to see more articles from the newcomers though -- anyone at the retreat who'd be willing to narrate their projects?

01-03-2017 16:28 amirmc If there's anyone else who has things they can write up, please do post on that issue.

01-03-2017 16:28 amirmc Happy to help copy/edit with enough notice (i.e. couple of days).

01-03-2017 16:30 avsm thanks! I'm on a campaign to document the project infrastructure :-)

01-03-2017 16:31 avsm yomimono: the more i think about it, the more a clone of mirage/canopy-data makes sense

01-03-2017 16:31 avsm you dont need an actual live copy of canopy running there

01-03-2017 16:32 yomimono no, what I'm proposing is port canopy to mirage3 + irmin1, host that somewhere else

01-03-2017 16:32 amirmc You should only need to push git logs, right? Unless I misunderstood how canopy works.

01-03-2017 16:32 yomimono the net is fine for stuff like git push/git pull

01-03-2017 16:32 yomimono it's just not great for realtime stuff

01-03-2017 16:33 avsm ah i see -- do you have a machine you can host a git server on?

01-03-2017 16:33 avsm sorry, a canopy/mirage server

01-03-2017 16:33 yomimono can repurpose an aws instance

01-03-2017 16:33 avsm (since you can use the live for the content)

01-03-2017 16:34 amirmc Is there much work needed for a port?

01-03-2017 16:34 amirmc

01-03-2017 16:34 yomimono oh, this is ported for irmin1

01-03-2017 16:34 yomimono I thought for some reason this was either almost-mirage3 or mirage3 without irmin1

01-03-2017 16:34 amirmc Indeed. So should just need to be built.

01-03-2017 16:35 amirmc And presumably pointed at canopy-data

01-03-2017 16:35 amirmc And run from somewhere

01-03-2017 16:35 yomimono should be closed I think

01-03-2017 16:36 avsm closed

01-03-2017 16:36 yomimono thanks :)

01-03-2017 16:38 yomimono I don't have any problem with just replacing with the irmin1 + mirage3 version, but I don't know who's managing that

01-03-2017 16:39 amirmc Replacing would be ideal.

01-03-2017 16:39 thomasga yomimono: the dev version of canopy already works with Irmin1 + mirage3

01-03-2017 16:40 yomimono I clearly know the least about the current state of this of anyone in the conversation, so tell me what to do and I'll do it :)

01-03-2017 16:40 thomasga (and I don't have access to that repo or to the domain name), I think Hannes has all the keys

01-03-2017 16:40 thomasga (or Engil)

01-03-2017 16:41 amirmc I don't think it's hannes :)

01-03-2017 16:42 amirmc I think we're done with the agenda items, right?

01-03-2017 16:42 yomimono thomasga: what's "the dev version"? I don't see any releases or a dev branch?

01-03-2017 16:42 yomimono or is that just master on engil/canopy?

01-03-2017 16:42 yomimono has nothing to add

01-03-2017 16:43 thomasga yes sorry, it's just master

01-03-2017 16:44 yomimono thanks :)

01-03-2017 16:45 amirmc I've gotta go. I'l bring 15 t-shirts with me to Marrakech. I hope people can remember their sizes.

01-03-2017 16:45 yomimono my torso may have changed size since arriving at priscilla ;)

01-03-2017 16:46 amirmc There's probably a joke in here about tagines and 'you are what you eat'. I look forward to joining that club :P

01-03-2017 16:47 yomimono amirmc and anyone else who's still on their way, we look forward to your arrival :)

01-03-2017 16:47 yomimono I think the meeting might be over!

01-03-2017 16:48 amirmc Slightly off-topic question then. How did people get from the airport to the medina and how much didi it cost?

01-03-2017 16:49 djwillia thanks all, have fun at the retreat and sorry to be missing it!

01-03-2017 16:49 yomimono djwillia: we're sorry you're missing it too! :(

01-03-2017 16:49 yomimono amirmc: good price is 70 dirham, but some people have paid 100-150

01-03-2017 16:49 yomimono sorry, those are taxi prices

01-03-2017 16:49 yomimono there's also a bus, which mattg took

01-03-2017 16:49 yomimono talex5 walked and arrived kinda sweaty and possibly dehydrated, can't say I'd recommend it

01-03-2017 16:50 amirmc Useful info, thanks!

01-03-2017 16:50 amirmc bye for now