SNMP - the Simple Network Management Protocol

Written by hannes
Published: 2018-01-05 (last updated: 2018-01-05)

MirageOS 3 uses logging (via the logs library, exfiltrating on console or via syslog). But we don't have a monitoring solution.

It would be great to have a lightweight (effect-free, minimal dependencies) SNMP library developed purely in OCaml.

The asn1-combinators library is a good start for SNMP marshalling.

Further steps include to add stats counters to our libraries (network interface, tcp stack, ...). We could then have a monitoring story by using off-the-shelf tools to collect the counters and compute statistics.

RFC 6353 specifies TLS transport for SNMP, useful for an open environment (and for setting values, which you may want to do only after authentication).

If you're interested in starting this project, please drop a mail to