Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for monitoring

Written by hannes

MirageOS lacks a monitoring solution for internal counters

Mastodon instance

Written by hannes

Mastodon is a federated social network with microblogging features. Would be great to run our own instance as MirageOS unikernel.

keyfender - HSM application with REST-API

Written by ansiwen (Sven Anderson)

HSM implementation that is accessed through a simple JSON REST-API for running on dedicated appliances (x86/ARM) or as cloud instance.

more tests for mirage-tcpip

Written by [yomimono]( (Mindy Preston)

add performance & correctness tests for network stack

topkg porting

Written by mirageos devs

status of topkg ported libraries


Written by hannes

good old protocols


Written by [Richard Mortier](, Jochen Bartl, Gina

a syslog implementation in OCaml

Membership protocol for Mirage

Written by andreas (Andreas Garnæs)

Membership protocol for Mirage unikernel clusters based on SWIM


Written by haesbaert (Christiano Haesbaert)

ssh implementation


Written by hannes

develop a simple authentication and security layer

Releasing PPX libraries for Mirage core

Written by djs55 (Dave Scott)

Making Mirage core ppx based and improving Windows support

ocaml-pbkdf 0.1.0 released

Written by abeaumont (Alfredo Beaumont)

New PBKDF library using nocrypto has been published


Written by talex5 (Thomas Leonard)

logging support for MirageOS

tiny VM for easy load testing

Written by djs55 ([David Scott](

MirageOS Dashboard

Written by rudenoise (Joel Hughes)

A dashboard displaying useful data from MirageOS project and its related libraries.


Written by avsm ([Anil Madhavapeddy](

a HTTP implementation in OCaml


Written by [David Sheets](

develop WebIDL library from scratch


Written by Dan Williams, Martin Lucina, Mindy Preston, Anil Madhavapeddy

tiny, specialized monitor as mirage backend

Qubes Firewall

Written by talex5

improve Qubes Firewall

Bye-bye camlp4

Written by samoht (Thomas Gazagnaire)

Removing Camlp4 from MirageOS


Written by matildah

network time protocol implementation

TLS certificates with Letsencrypt

Written by Anil Madhavapeddy

ACME support for MirageOS


Written by [Thomas Gazagnaire](

distributed database that follows the same design principles as Git

AFL + MirageOS = <3

Written by yomimono (Mindy Preston)

fuzzing OCaml programs (including MirageOS ones) with afl-fuzz

Canopy - an irmin-powered community blog

Written by Engil (Enguerrand Decorne)

User content is stored in Markdown format in a git repository, served via HTTP with metadata, atom feed