NUC Wifi with our own DHCP

Written by haesbaert (Christiano Haesbaert)
Published: 2016-03-14 (last updated: 2016-03-14)

Change to nuc1 wifi

Network nuc1 wifi is running charrua dhcp server as an unikernel, we had problems with the hostel router and everyone should change to nuc1 wifi.

This is one of the few oportunities I get to test the dhcp library in a larger environment, so by using it, you're already contributing to mirage. The larger the user base and user cases, more bugs we find, so far we've found none, which is cool too.

If you run into any issues just come and kick me hard, even if I'm sleeping, seriously.

You can check the console output by connecting to and xl console dhcp.