Intel NUC box resource

Written by talex5 (Thomas Leonard)
Published: 2016-03-12 (last updated: 2016-03-12)

To connect:

ssh user@

Password is same as wifi (feel free to add your SSH key). You have passwordless sudo access. Try not to make the machine inaccessible over the network, or we can't fix it easily ;-)

sudo xl list shows running domains. sudo create -c config.xl starts a new VM. The xl file template is generated by the mirage tool. If you need disk space, use lvcreate to create a new LVM volume.

The machine is usually running a Docker VM too. If not, start it with:

sudo xl create /etc/xen/docker.cfg

Access this with:

ssh root@

(same password)

You can then use the regular docker commands. e.g. docker run -it unikernel/mirage to get a Mirage dev environment. It is automatically running one container that serves up various large images on port 5000. You can configure your local docker to pull from this to speed things up.