Mirage hackathon blog

Written by Camels
Published: 2016-10-06 (last updated: 2016-10-06)

We'll soon (on July 13th) be in Cambridge (Darwin College) for a single day of working on MirageOS.

Proposed projects:

  • Solo5/unikernel/Mirage integration
  • Mirage 3.0 API merges! Release manager: Mindy
  • NickB would like to work on uboot+ocaml+mirage for the Pine64
  • New ARM distribution based on Alpine (Ian Campbell / Anil) that includes Xen and KVM (for an eventual Solo5 port)
  • Qi Li - might demo his unikernel with tls for ARM cubietruck
  • it would be lovely to have a PR for package version constraints in the mirage tool
  • Test out OCaml 4.04 new features: e.g. LTO
  • Remove pre-functoria hacks from mirage front-end tool (side effect: fix error messages!


  • [Dave Scott] wants to work on VPNkit/Windows/Mirage via a new Lwt engine that is Windows friendly
  • ThomasG/L and the interns and Anil will continue to make progress on the CI system, tailored for Mirage
  • IanC has been helping retire mirage-xen-arm-builder in favour of an Alpine/Moby-based ARM distro, which now works on the Cubieboards.
  • Mindy (yomimono) will be working to merge your PRs for 3.0 :)

Schedule for hackathon day/evening:

Richard King room at Darwin College

  • 9am start - 11pm finish
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits and snacks mid morning
  • Lunch through the servery
  • More tea, coffee, biscuits and snacks mid afternoon
  • Dinner plans are open-ended...